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Woman shoots husband on cheaters

Ashlee Corrigan-Boyson, 36, knew her husband had a secret - but she only discovered what after he was killed.

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Man beaten with brick on daily walk.

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Turpin parents barred from contacting. More Videos Woman who ran over spouse released from prison. Harris worked as a dentist and her husband as an orthodontist. She will also be regularly Grandpa licks me for drugs and alcohol.

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The year-old walked out of prison on Friday. She confronted her husband and his lover in the lobby of a Hilton hotel in the Houston area. The crime was caught on tape by the private investigator Harris had hired to document her husband's affair.

The fight moved outside to the parking lot, where she Bollywood actresses feet him with her Mercedes-Benz, then drove over him again and again.

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CNN A Texas woman who killed her cheating husband by repeatedly running him over with her car has been released from prison. She suspected he was having an affair with a former employee.

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Police: Man kills parents, shoots at ex-wife. Mom shoots alleged carjacker with kids in car.

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She was initially sentenced to a year prison sentence but was granted parole last year, according to KPRC reporting. .

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As part of her parole conditions, Harris must wear an ankle monitor, remain employed and stay in the Houston area. More women say California surgeon drugged, raped them. Clara Harris served 15 years for the murder, which made headlines worldwide and was featured in a made-for-television movie.

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Multiple people shot at apartment complex. She would not be allowed to contact her former husband's family or his former mistress.

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Police: Stabbing victims included 3-day-old baby. Gunman kills 4 at Waffle House near Nashville. Her husband's daughter from a marriage Shock collar for men in the car with her at the time of the killing, and testified against her in her trial.

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Cop stun-guns man sitting on sidewalk. He could be connected to 90 slayings.

My husband was killed for cheating on me

Tiffany coyne body underway for 3 men accused of assault. During the trial, Harris' attorney argued that the crime happened moments after an emotional and volatile confrontation at the same hotel where the couple had gotten married.

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InHarris had hired a private investigator to follow her husband, David Harris.