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Tags: wet nursesbreastfeedingadults NaturalNews The South China Morning Post is now reporting that adults in China are paying good money to breastfeed on wet nurses who are well paid for providing their milk. As in mammary consumption. Tits out dare to let this sink in for a minute A lot of people think this is ultra-creepy. And that was my first reaction, too.

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Medical experts say the nutritional value of human breast milk for adults is ridiculously overstated.

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In some parts of China breast milk is traditionally considered the best and most easily digestible form of nutrition for people who are ill, and a lot of adults Cuckold stories illustrated money to burn are taking this to heart. Xinxinyu Household Service Company has been ordered to suspend its operations and had its business licence revoked, regulators in Shenzen told AFP. Photo: Inhabitots.

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Posted in News Tags: Chinahuman breast milkNews. The Xinxinyu Household Service Company, in the city of Guangdong, was allegedly one of the companies selling breast milk to adults who could afford it. Sources: China. The demand is apparently so great that companies are promoting and expanding their breast milk Karen price centerfold business from babies to adults.

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They hire wet nurses who regularly provide the nutritious drink. While many parents in China are struggling to find safe powdered milk for their babies, following a scandal over poisoned formula, rich and powerful adults from cities like Shenzen and Guangdong are paying big bucks for fresh breast milk to keep Forced incontinence stories shape. Wang Xingguo, from the Dalian Municipal Central Hospital, claims it can actually do more harm than good as it contains more lactose than an adult can digest and often causes diarrhea.

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Related posts. According to multiple Bewitched mixed doubles media reports, wealthy and busy adults have found a new way to combat health issues caused by stress and strain — drinking human breast milk.

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