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Tumblr sissification captions

It is actually a little better for me to buy it through the Comic Store, but I Stepmom fucks step daughter appreciate Renderotica, so feel free to buy it in either place. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive.

damsel sister Irene

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I said I would double the list if you throw away everything not on the list and purchase physical copies of everything, subscribe to the magazines etc. So Fuller house stephanie boobs is an updated list with bonus items as well! We need to work on making you think like a basic bitch. Not a smart, educated lady, but a brainless little ditz of a whore. Being a sissy is not just limited to the outside.

Years: I am as old as I look
Eyes: I’ve got warm gray-green eyes
Color of my hair: Blond
Favourite music: Heavy metal
Other hobbies: Learning foreign languages

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Sissy Captions I love adding captions to pictures of attractive sexy ladies.

I hope to focus on breaking stereotypes of gender and being acepting. Recently Liked.

If you want to scroll through just the caps not the requestsclick the "TG Captions Only" button! me as I surrender to the fantasy girl inside Lesbian bondage fantasy own mind x. Girlie Points A place to enjoy girlie things with a light touch of submission, sissification, humiliation and chastity mixed in.

Be you A person who likes the idea of captions but not their depection of women, sexuality, and gender. Mr to Missy.

The captions I reblogg will always be free of humiliation, slurs, and gender pronouns. Seducedbythegirlinside Can you Big boobs power the voice of your dream girl inside your own mind, Learn to listen to her, think like her and explore her desires. But the captions are what my mind sees from a sissy point of view. Girlie Points is my reoccurring series, check out the Girlie Points to see it all in one place.

Photos are borrowed of course. Sissy Captions Hi, I am moving all the emmalouis stuff here.