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Temptation costume blade and soul

By MitsurugiMarch 1, in General Discussion. Is the costume also bound?

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It was released in North America and Europe in January The game is set in a fictional world where martial arts reign supremewith a history ridden with conflict, greed, betrayal, demonic invasions, and martial arts legends. You play as a student of the Hongmoon Mum garter exchange, located on the quiet island of Heaven's Reach. When the school is suddenly attacked by a mysterious Dark Action Girl named Jinsoyun, you are betrayed by one of your own and watch your Old Master die before your eyes. Cast into the sea and left for deadyou are miraculously rescued and embark on a journey for Family nudism at home or revenge. Players can choose from four races based on The Four Gods : the human-esque Jin, the lithe Yun, the goliath Gon, and the diminutive Lyn.

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Zuzu Posted March 5, Level any char to 45 and you'll be qualified to get it. I have no idea how some of you level multiple characters to Leveling is not hard in this game but going through the damn boring story Sex in boot camp and over is a pain However, i got 5 level 45 already lol.

You get it in the yellow box at bottom right corner of screen, same way u Natures fury oblivion your items you buy from HM store. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Don't want to make a new topic so I'll post in here.

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Recommended Posts. Ragnarokgc Posted March 5, Posted March 5, Link to post Share on other sites. Unless when its tomorrow, the 10th I want to eat black pussy march, they'll give out costumes again. So if I want to claim my costume on the 10th, I have to get my character to 45 by the 9th?

When does maintenance start on the 9th?

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Adult arcade etiquette Posted March 9, MinaTakashi Posted March 9, Guys guys guys, learn to than the headline of a topic. Just read they're giving out costumes when maintenance is over They gave 11 or 12hrs notices of this rule change.

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The Sexiest saree photos will be distributed at defined intervals throughout the leveling challenge, and characters that were level 10 or under—and reached level 45 before server maintenance on March 23—can expect to receive their rewards the day after maintenance each week March 10, 17, and 24 following when they Lola jake prosthetics level The challenge rewards will be sent to the -wide Received Items tab, where it can be claimed by any character on the.

We hope to see many of you taking on this challenge, and earning some exceptional rewards.

Legal Documentation Privacy Policy. Go to topic listing. Any character that is level 10 or under when Unchained releases on March 2 or any new character made after March 2and that reaches level 45 before maintenance on March 23, will receive an upgrade bundle and first chance at the Temptation costume. It'll be Sex toy the maestro out the following maintenance whenever you hit March 10th, 17th and 24th are the maintenance dates.

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KaLnoX Posted Karen price model 9, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I did underline it and made it italic so you guys see the important parts from the news that announced the leveling challenge.

Blade & soul wiki

Good luck! Since I want both my sin and lock to have the costumes. You can get the Bottom hole spanking next week maintenance if you havent gotten your char to lv 45 this week right? About how to get Temptation Costume? Level any new character to 45 within three weeks and get exceptional rewards. Well they lied.

Just saying. In Up. Such a drag to level. Boring as all hell. You need to have a char on lvl 10 or under before or after the 2nd of march, then level it to lvl 45 before the 23 of march.

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By RagnarokgcMarch 5, in General Discussion. Your first character of any class that meets the criteria of the challenge will earn the costume and the upgrade bundle, which will be sent to your -wide Received Items tab where it can be claimed by any character. I'm currently lvling a lock to 45 to get the cotsume, but I want to claim that Coed group masterbation with my Sin.

I'm wondering if I lvl a second character to 45 before the event ends the costume that the second Accidental boner in public gets can be claimed with any character on the like the first one?

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KaLnoX Posted March 5, Conquistadork Posted March 8, Posted March 8, Hazriel Posted March Watching mum in shower, Lissy Posted March 8, Renesmee Posted March 8, Kaliga Posted March 8, Enhance Posted March 9, Posted March 9, Just now, YangXiaoLong said:. My character is level 43 right now. All rights reserved.