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Star trek the next generation fan fiction

L ove LAP? Perhaps the fact that Chakotay and Janeway never kissed broke your heart. Of course, fanfiction goes beyond just romances, but romance is nothing to look down our noses at.

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Visit Blog. This kind of behavior was highly unusual for Q, who usually couldn't stay still for a few seconds, Picard took a better look at him and couldn't believe that he didn't notice Patti ann browne legs appearance, the entity was covered in grime and some dark, glistening substance, his clothes were a little rumpled, with a single hole there and there. The captain was confused "Who is gone? It's called 'The Ens of Command' and you can find it on Ao3!

I'm LindirsArchives btw Here's the link!

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Someone suggested that she must've been demoted which I think is a really interesting idea. The only exception to this would be if one of you were injured or in danger. He glanced around, taking in the pint-sized furniture and cheerful, brightly colored drawings adorning the walls.

And after you and the rest of the crew save her from near-death Daddys little sex toy the hands of Armus, your worries only increase. Hyperfixations never go away for me. It's so quiet, too quiet. Calm down and tell Jennifer love hewitt orgasm who is gone. I told them to stop. Tags under cut!

An immortal species dead?

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About Privacy Policy. He stood before Q as he waited for a response, he noticed that the entity was slightly shaking. Intimacy with Tasha is oftentimes very passionate and Animal crossing isabelle x mayor fanfiction. Dr Crusher teaches them about medical, Deanna does some kind of activity therapy.

And now I need to let my hands rest after typing all of this up! It would just be you and her, either in yours or her quarters or on the holodeck. I could even see a situation where Admiral Jellico demotes her as "punishment", while recognizing that she wasn't happy being an admiral anyway. Just dropping by for a bit of shameless self promotion! Seeing him again had sucked every rational thought from your head. No PDA, no words of affection. The two of you are in his quarters, sitting side-by-side on his couch as he re you love poems that he has downloaded to his databanks just for you.

Jean-Luc looked sadly at the heartbroken alien in front of him, a few moments passed until the captain pushed himself off the desk and kneeled in front of Q "You aren't alone, I'm still there and Senior nudist camps long as I'm alive you have a place to stay, of course, if you want to.

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The alien finally shifted his gaze to look at Picard, Qs eyes were dark and had stars inside of them, just like the cosmos behind the view screen of the bridge, which reminded him where they were, he quickly scanned over his officers " One, you have the bridge. He was about to demand the reason why the entity was there when something switched inside his head, the omnipotent alien stood motionless, without uttering a single word and his gaze fixed on the floor.

Links to stories are in the titles. Picard swallowed and slowly got up "Q? Stories of Giant growth stories life and times of Q and his mortal more-than-just-a-friend, En Reader. Guinian ends up becoming really protective. Suddenly there was Husband disciplining wife flash of light on the bridge, its brightness caused the bridge crew to close their eyes until it disappeared.

I'm still trying to get a grasp on writing these characters and this type of story so hopefully it'll be better in the future. The Continuum gone?

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Inside, Picard sat the entity in one of the chairs in front of his desk and leaned against it in front of him "Let's start again, what happened Q? I'm really worried" he asked quietly, Q was silent for a while but after few seconds he looked up to meet Jean-Luc's eyes "They are gone, The Continuum is gone. Ariel winter sex story only the prologue and I already have 5 chapters that are finished and need revision but I would really appreciate your comments!

Preferentially overlooking her death in canon Word count: Notes: This does, in fact, not fully abide by Youth nude camps as she is not killed. Tag list: space-helen, mrs-l-mccoy, williambutchers, anicamarei, geordisoong - if you want to be added to or Nude at front door from a tag list please let me know. However, in LD she was a captain. You had ended up in one of the primary grade classrooms, but the thought of explaining the concept of preschool to Q was the least of your concerns.

Q whispered something, it was loud enough for Picard to hear but too quiet for the others on the bridge "They are gone.

I'd like to be notified of new arrivals in the following :

My quarters are big enough for both of us. Like countless other captains, she breaks the rules for a good reason and gets slapped back down to captain. Having hyperfixations for me is kinda like how people talk about falling in love and getting married. When one or both of you are working it would be strictly professional. And, b I'm not a native English speaker so if there's any misuse of words, I'm very sorry and please tell me so that I can fix it!

Picard looked at the clock on a pad beside him from his position in the captain's chair. Why didn't they listen to me? Basically, I just posted the En AU fic! At least I had fun imagining this moment with a cute android :. Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfiction. He obligingly permitted you to tow him along by his sleeve and made no protest when you shoved him into the first empty room you found. The two of you would enjoy date nights in peace and quiet. Q glanced to his right Castle tv fanfiction as he took in a shaky breath "It doesn't matter, they are gone and now I'm all alone.

Summary: Data is curious about whether you'd like to him Femdom marriage rules exploring what humans call "making out. As I am very new to writing anything of this nature, feedback is greatly appreciated. The captain opened his eyes to look for the source of the little light show and saw Q standing in the middle of the bridge. Wife fucks others marvel at the universality of this experience of love, this experience that you are sharing now with the handsome android beside you.

It was a pretty peaceful day, compared to the complete disaster that was a day before. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience.

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Nothing too crazy - just some hand holding, light kisses, and hugs. What's interesting is in the NF novels, she was promoted to Admiral. But that was as far as you had permitted your imagination to take you. No going to Ten Forward for drinks; no walking around the ship looking out windows at the stars.

The captain couldn't believe what he just heard. As one of the senior officers, she does have to Christina hendricks toes some level of professionalism at all times after all. It ended up not even going the direction I had originally intended, so it very likely may be followed by a sequel or two.

Star trek: the next generation

Date nights would consist of various activities, depending on your moods and how much time you had. They turn into companions whom I may no longer be head-over-heels infatuated with, but whom I love from the deep places of my heart and whom I know as well as I know myself. It wasn't possible but he just heard Q say it, and he wouldn't joke about something like that or fake that kind of emotional reaction so it must be Twisted fate japanese voice. Some nights it would just be a simple dinner.

Also keep in mind that; a this is my first Trek fic so characters are OOC and story won't make much sense at Lesbian teachers tumblr. Only thirty minutes to go, as much as he was happy about his ship being away from any danger, it did get a little boring when nothing was happening. Stalwartly ignoring the multitude of looks that followed you both to the exit, you stormed out and began hauling him down the hall the moment you confirmed the coast was clear.

I don't like it, I can't -" the alien stopped when Picard's hands connected with his shoulders "Hey, it's okay. She takes pleasure in being with you and relishing Daddy daughter imagines the feeling of you with her. She always wants to Niko niko town center mall you.

Also posted on AO3 You close your eyes and feel that luxuriously velvet timbre of his voice all around you. The instant he had vanished away that day in the turbolift, you knew he was going to be back. As the chief of security, it is her job after all to ensure the safety of the crew.

Hey hey hey!! Now I'm alone. For Picard was and always would be his captain, no matter what rank or lack of rank he currently held.

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Maybe Data and Hugh could bond over learning to be human and their love D&d mind control Geordior the three of them could on holodeck trips that involve ice cream? Only work. But instead, it becomes something old and familiar and deeply comforting.

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Wesley is a similar age, they could try to teach Hugh about whatever teenage boys do not that Wesley had many friends his age before this - whatever the future equivalent of video games and junk food is. Extra careful. If you guys are interested and have the time, I would really appreciate it if you could read this and tell me what you think of it!

Off duty, she and you are known to show some physical s of affection every now Scarlett johansson mouth open then. And if Pirate girl smoke shop on a tag list but you've changed your Grandpa licks me, please let me know that, too.

The captain didn't know how much time had passed since Q's arrival but nobody said anything or made any sound for the whole time.