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Spiderman black cat pregnant

The story has some amazing flashbacks and twist and turns, which makes it lovable, though the ending is quite surprising and comes with a bit of a shock. Hammerhead then rigged her penthouse with explosives and even though Spider-Man warned her, Black Cat still went to her penthouse Sex on prom night therefore, the place exploded and she died.

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Throughout his long and simultaneously hilarious and tragic career as a superhero, Spider-Man has endured just as much, if not more, tests of endurance and fortitude as any other man or woman to don spandex.

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So I'd say it's possible. As for superpowers, we've seen that in most universes Peter's powers are genetic.

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Reply Share. Posted by 2 years ago.

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If you want the child to be old enough to be running around in tights, it could either be the far future Like MC2 or just a couple years ahead like in Renew Your Vows. Ideally of Felicia Chubby girls looking for sex Peter would have his spider-powers and her bad luck powers, ideally said bad luck powers would respond directly to his spider-sense and bring bad luck onto whatever is dangerous to him at the time.

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You have two routes, Peter is still Truth or dare erotic stories to MJ and thus has to make the dynamic of two families work or Peter is single and thus has to try to make a relationship with Felicia work for the child's sake. For your first paragraph, table flip to these constant tease! Found the internet!

Who has spider man slept with?

This is for a supposed future fan-fic i guess? Platinum Blond Hair but close enough. And yea iconic!

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Sort by: best. Created Jul 2, Top posts july 9th Top posts Twilight spanking stories july, Top posts Back to Top. If Felicia's bad luck powers or some variation could be passed down it's hard to say.

Spider-man ps4: discussion of the final scene in the heist

As hers tend to come and go, but were made due to a machine altering her genetics. A subreddit for all things related to our friendly neighbourhood hero. But none of that answers your question. Continue this thread. But I will mention that it's weird that Marvel has never done this in a What If Celebs that like anal in Wife flashing people What If where they got married, but that What If did showcase why their relationship wouldn't really work out in the endand then we get further teases in Spider-Man PS4 and the MC2 universe, it was even an idea proposed for !

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So it would inherit his spider-powers at minimum. It's weird that you've gotten no responses.

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Now this is a question I can get behind. My one prerequisite though is that the kid's gotta have that iconic Hardy white hair.

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Tiny tit lingerie for you last paragraph, I have only heard of the What If and wish there was more indepth story for a fwe of them, and what is MC2 and renew your vows? This story-line would actually fit that universe pretty well.