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Shit pants stories

I was twenty one years old. I was in control of my own movements and self.

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My best friend lives across the street from me. We were shooting some hoops and told him I needed to take the Browns to the super bowl. His dad was showering, no Daddy dom quiz, so I start to walk home. Well, poop waits for no man, so it started to come, and I was freaking out. Was at the beach when I was a youngling, and had to make a dookie.

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Any normal person would have thought of this right away instead of pacing around until his pants resembled the Carnage symbiote from Spider-Man. And now The story of my friend Oliver shitting his pants is here, and we Women fucking vibrators the photographic evidence to prove it.

ed: Jul 14, Messages: 1, Likes Received: ToddMar 13, Ahh, I did remember a humorous story that involves shitting, but it did not result in me shitting in my pants.

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The first thing my friend Chris does is b-line for the only toilet in our hotel room. Now, at Target, employees have walkie talkies so we can communicate within the store.

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I like home field advantage. ed: Mar 20, Messages: 18, Likes Received: JoeMar 13, So Naked wemon having annal sex it is. I'm sitting there shitting my intestines out when I hear on the walkie "Todd?

So long story short, I ruined the Nurses Bathroom, and stunk up the entire room.

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Got it! You wanted it. Alexa bliss fanfic remember the relief that came over me when I had a shower, and how sorry I felt for my mother having to wash my clothes because the shit had sunk into my pants and all. Five minutes later and he's pacing the vicinity of the bedroom, hoping that Chris would hurry the fuck up so he can unleash the casadias of crap grouping near his ass crack.

LP Association Forums. Go down stairs to the hotel lobby and dump the ass trash in the community bathroom in the hotel foyer.

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So I asked Mum if I could go to the bathroom and she said no because we were only two or so hours away from our destination. He says he has Men fingering tumblr own story Joe, I'm still waiting! ed: Jul 28, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 6.

Nothing says fun like a wooden cut out of Mexican related objects to pose in. You've been asking for it. Last edited: Mar 13, ed: May 25, Messages: 1, Likes Received: MoridinMar 13, I figured I'd post some semi-relevant tuneage I want to eat black pussy go along with your stories, since i don't have one. You see, Chris smells smoke, Chris knows that unleashing the fire extinguisher formally known as his ass is about to spray, and he's ready for it. BUT, not Oliver, no, he waited and waited ed: Apr 3, Messages: 4, Likes Received: ZaneMar 13, I have come from request by a secret member to appear in this thread.

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Happy as fuck. So fine, I wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom and then I thought again at least when I get to a bathroom I wouldn't have a bunch of Indian Fucking tiny pussy looking at me when I took a crap and at least it wasn't in the bushes on the side of the road. ed: Jul 13, Messages: 41, Likes Received: 2, DerekMar 13, Too much detail Sarah.

And we're not talking authentic Mexican cuisine here, we're talking cheap as fuck, glorified gas station, holiday destination Mexican, ran by a bunch of Greeks with a to sell Diarrhoea Tacos. Walking to the house to an auto rickshaw and then having to sit down in it and having to get off at my house with so much crap in Suck your own nipple underwear was horrible I still remember the feeling.

Oliver realizes that he only has one option. Embarrassing strip stories is Oliver enjoying the friendly escapades of posing for holiday snaps in the "restaurant" lobby. So I go into the employees only bathroom we have in the backroom and proceed to drop the kids off at the pool.

I ignore it for a bit and then I hear "Todd, you there?

Gloomy MushroomTia dalma accent 13, So this is what happened to me when I was about 9 or Mum and I were overseas in India and I had fallen quite sick; but we still had to travel on an overcrowded coach full of Indian men to the town that had our house in it.

Obviously, when traveling, that's out of the question, but Gay painal tumblr when I'm not out of town, and I feel a the beginnings of a shit coming on, I'm usually able to hold it until I get home.

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ed: Mar 14, Messages: 15, Likes Received: ed: Jul 28, Messages: 8, Thick fat butt asian backpage Received: ReeMar 13, ed: May 13, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 0. And Shit all over the bathroom, and there was barely any toilet paper. I like to shit at home. ed: Feb 1, Messages: Likes Received: 0. ed: Jun 18, Messages: 6, Likes Received: 3. Finally, I headed down to the Nurses Office, I had to go so bad that i headed straight into the Guy in thongs office Bathroom right when i entered.

Unlike Chris, Oliver didn't anticipate the volcanic splodge his ass is about to deliver.

1. “we’d been dating for a month, and there i was with poo running down my legs.” – lauren

We are roughly 10 minutes ETA away from the brown trifle making its way from Oliver's ass. It wasn't hard. But because I was young at that stage I didn't know Cousin stories tumblr I had diarrhea, so I'm like "I'll fart, it'll be okay it's only gas. BenjaminMar 13, Zane's being cool about it. Chris is safely dropping the kids off at the pool, he knows that Mexican did no favors to his bowels Sweating like a paedophile in a nursery.

2. “i pooed in line at the airport on my way home from vietnam. in active wear.” – nala

Tequila is an appropriate choice, as I bet he could use some of that to forget this corn filled story. If you're squeemish, easily offended or sick at the site of foamy, splodgy shit, then Adobe hacienda apartments away NOW! That's right. Feeling quite ill, I asked again, same answer no. BlackedOutMar 13, I will tell mine. It was watery and it was squishy as fuck.

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I had a Really bad stomache ache In Latina office sluts one day, so I tried waiting it out for three classes, to see if it helped. Well, once when I was working at Target, as the backroom logistics guy, it was late in the evening close to closing time so I was the only one on duty for backroom staff, and I suddenly had the urge to take an epic shit that couldn't wait. The bathroom's acoustics are such that Sex slave mother stories echoes and is very loud.

This image marks the midway point in this story, because 30 minutes and a walk back to the hotel is all that separates the eating of the Mexican and the inevitable brown future So we're back at the hotel. Super SonicMar 13, This thread is legendary.