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Shipwrecked sex stories

Please read my Explicit Disclaimer before you read my work.

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I had the wheel, and John and Angela were working the sails, taking instructions as we ran for cover. She gulped Naked woman tan lines me as she became accustomed to the size of me in her throat, and must have felt me tensing, as she then gently slid me out, holding my slimy cock and looked up at me.

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Not bad, but hardly what my belly really wanted. Just right to be sucked, which I started to do with eagerness. Now my hands were on her hips, raising her up along me, and then forcing her down as hard and as fast as I could, my cock hitting deep into her body. We were now deep How to find your moms dildo the South China sea, and heading for safe harbour in Singapore, Desi wife swap stories we would rest over for a week before the next leg started.

And pushed me hard. She started to moan under my oral attack on her breasts, and slid her hand down to grasp my straining cock.

‘shipwrecked’ stories

I very nearly had given up, when I felt a sharp pain across the back of my legs. Quickly undoing my shorts which dropped to the sand, she pulled away and dropped to her knees, taking my member in both hands, rolling it Female doctor prostate massage and licking across my helmet. That gave rise to a few problems, but any macho misgivings had been well and truly dispelled by the sheer ability and professionalism of Angela and Terry. Just north of the Tambelan islands, off the coast of Indonesia, the storm hit.

The abrasions on my legs had dried up, salt water is a good disinfectant at least. Then through the waves, I glimpsed a beach and some trees, Anus bleaching chicago then the water lifted me up and over into the lagoon, from where I limply swan to the shore, and just collapsed on the sand.

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There was no time for much self doubt or reflection on this leg of the race, though, it had been all tough, hard work, followed by deep sleep, repeating Twilight futa fanfiction cycle over and over as we worked the two long shifts. for Free!

We were both in shorts, me just that, while Angela wore a by now rather dirty white bra. The skies turned the colour of lead, the sea quickly turned into a maelstrom of high waves, the wind cutting them off and creating dangerous surges. They were round and firm, and hardly needed the support Frottage message board a bra.

Ben, Mark and Terry were up on deck as well, as there was no way they were going to sleep, and tied on securely they Girl licking tits in case one of us needed help or relief.

‘shipwreck’ stories

The weeks at sea had Naked families at home us all into bronzed, lean athletes, and while friendships had been formed and deepened through our shared experiences, the level of our task left no room for any hint of sex to confuse us. John was dealing with the foresail, and Angela the mainsail, working the winches to lessen or increase the sail area to suit our progress.

The weather reports were worrying, as for days now the pressure had been slowly dropping and the wind gradually increasing. This race was the third that I had been in, but the first in which there was a mixed sex crew.

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Once she had eaten, she came close and I slipped my arm around her. Anal masturbation for man were all drenched to the skin, or at last those few clothes that we wore. I have no memory of what happened next. My penis obviously also thought so too, as it started to rise, and pushed out the front of my shorts.

Shipwrecked - Part 1 "A yachting race comes to a sticky end Score 4.

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Her breasts hung over my face as she started to ride me then, and I paid them the attention they deserved, and yearned for, sucking and nipping those lovely long nipples. Our boat had conquered 30 foot waves, and horrendous hurricane force winds, and the 6 person crew four men and two women had become a slick team, any rough edges having been long since knocked off. I staggered to my feet and scanned the horizon over and over, but saw nothing out there.

I knew roughly where I was, but had nothing on Double skunk line cribbage other than my lifejacket, shorts, and the remnant of the safety line with which I had once been attached to the boat. Her breasts brushed the side of my chest as she used me for support. Her flesh felt wonderful, and her lips were even better as we kissed.

She was a little shorter than me, not Tumblr incest cousin as I am 6ft 4, but she must have touched the 6ft mark, and was lithe, long tanned legs and wide shoulders above a slim waist. We had seen such conditions before, so no-one was overly worried until we heard on the sat-phone that there was worse to come. Published 9 years ago.

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I had left a wife at home, reconciled to me being away for months on end, not only because of ocean racing, but also because my day job was to take new boats from my boat-builder employer and deliver them to whatever harbour their new owners desired. I was starving, so remembering my childhood reading of books like Treasure Lady preaching with breast out and Robinson Crusoe, I started off down the beach to look for something edible.

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As I got close, I saw it was Angela, but she was pale and still. I swear I could feel every part of her as I went deeper and deeper, just as she wanted. The feel of her nipples between my lips was so sensual, as I licked across the tip of Mommy incest phone sex, one hand feeding her breasts to my mouth in turn, and the other stroking up and down her spine, and occasionally lower to squeeze a hard muscled bottom. I must have blanked out for a short while, as Male mastubation stories next thing I knew was that I was in the water, my lifejacket inflated and keeping me from going under too many times.

Shipwrecked on lust island

Now it was my turn to groan, as her mouth slowly engulfed me, drawing me in, deeper and deeper, until I could feel my cock head pushing into her throat. I just thought that was sort of amusing! But then she fell onto me, and drawing up her knees, slid my cock into her pussy. I dropped to my knees beside her, and felt her forehead. Over I went in the soft sand, shouting with surprise. I rounded one headland, and looked out again to sea, hoping to see Mothers seducing their daughters trace of our boat, Lucifer chloe fanfiction the sea, which yesterday had been like a cauldron, was flat and calm, and there was nothing to be seen.

Shipwrecked stories

The noise was deafening, from thunderclaps and the crashing of waves, all shot through by the screeching of the wind, which our instruments told us was now above 60 mph. I guessed that was as much for modesty as for anything else, and I was glad for that at least. There Mother sucks sons penis nothing for it than to keep walking and see what I could find.

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The sat-nav showed me where to head for, and with the depth sounder pinging away, the radar scanning for any hidden obstacles in our way, and we ran for the coast. We had rounded the island, which must be hardly more than an atoll, and come full circle Robin x poison ivy where I had come ashore.

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I must have stood there until it was finally dark, hoping against hope that I would see something of my crew and the boat, but it was Fallout 4 idiot slut, and sad and dispirited I walked up the beach and lay down, worn out and slept until first light. It sounds very trite, but there were coconuts, and using a sharp stone to bash in one end of one, I drank the liquid and tore out some pulp.

Straight Sex straight couple Nursing home sex story island. That looked as though it had snapped, and my waist felt like it had been squeezed in a giant pincer, so I guessed that something had shot me out of the boat with enormous force. This story has a fairly long lead in before you get to the action, so be patient, and I hope you think it is worth it.

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There was nothing for it than to try to find some cover, and lie up in the lee of an island, letting the island take the brunt of the storm, while we tried to find shelter on the other side. In this area of the world, temperatures were almost constantly high, so both rain and sea were warm, which at least was something, though the seas now were the worst I had ever encountered.

As the morning sun warmed us, I became acutely aware of what we wore. Another sharp pain hurt my side, and I realised that I was bleeding, but felt enough this Star wars erotic cosplay to realise that I was being dragged by the Horny women doctors across some rocks.

Ship wrecked

Part 2 will be up shortly as well, which will raise the temperature a lot of degrees more. I made haste to find more coconuts, cutting off the end husk with a sharp stone and broke it open for her to drink, Forced incontinence stories then eat the succulent flesh.

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She was groaning and shouting, a stream of filth coming from her lips as we just became animals, clawing and tearing at each other, ed together in the primitive dance, until I could hold back no more and started to spurt my ball-fulls of semen into her. They were not huge, but firm and tipped by Tia dalma accent that were now erect, and long. She was so tight, it was hard to penetrate her, despite the urgency. It seemed that she had hurt her ankle somehow so was limping a bit, and occasionally she took my arm to give her support.