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Secrets of the syren themepark

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Ok, so I started playing SWG after more than a decade. I forgot all the things to do. I remember there was a huge amount of content, but for the Mandingotakes on mature white women of me I can't recall what. Here is what I am doing so far.

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Staff Application 4. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Try to use nearby NPCs for extra tanking and DPS, run away and try to get your droid to pull all the aggro before you turn and start to help it Nudist father and daughter mobs.

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I did it as Rebel They might have to be Elite ones, regular stormtroopers from mission terminals didnt give passkey but it did drop from a L50 elite in Bestine. Last edited by B-17 shoo shoo baby at PM.

Thanks for the walkthrough. Enemies will always spawn on top of you after so try to be close to your droid when the last one dies. Only tough part is where there's two together, but if you aggro and run back outside the building you should be able to separate them.

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I would bring a master pilot friend to tag along with you for the last mission. Forum Rules. Steam Connect feature for vBulletin - Powered by Steam.

Quest rewards (game mechanics)

Register Help. The last part is where you can really cheese it. Space fights should be manageable if you're familiar with space fighting.

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Mobs in the bunker will become non-combat, they wont bother you. Originally Posted by Hardlyworkin.

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Once you have the passkey, go back on leave. Worse case scenario, follow along with the walkthrough. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection Stories about orgies. Last edited by Muhen; at PM. Cheers T. I enjoyed these quests back when I did them and the ITV is so useful!

Secrets of the syren

Both this and the swg wiki are incorrect for the location on Legends. PS: I love that Mansion on the mountain side. Would be great if mayors had the tools to place permanent structures so they could create a complex like this. Privacy Policy. Ball busters paintball completed Incest teen sexy real young, as a neutral L90 Structures Trader with an RE8 Belbullab and a well crafted combat droid The hardest part is the first set of ambushes since you cant manage the aggro as easily.

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Keep the itv, throw out the yellow submarine lol!! Last edited by Adaria; at AM. Oh yea the estate on rori is a beautiful structure i would love to have one as my Pulp fiction nude. So after doing this quest series a few times now, i can offer a few tips and advice. Contact Staff. Black Sun mobs at the mountain estate are trash mobs.

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Remember your max range is 20m more than their max range, so just sit at Lesbian boss seduces worker range and snipe the immobile warship down, even if the escorts are dinking your shields. I could not get the passkey to drop this weekend and wondered if I would have enough time to locate Cal and destroy him without dropping the shield generator? Overall, interesting quest with cool rewards. Rest of the fights are NBD.

Jailers can be pulled one at a time and you and your droid should be able to dispatch them.

Secret of the syrens theme park

Get buffed: first couple of quests you can breeze through but it scales in difficulty towards the end. Quest journal entries are vague. If you fail, there is an additional quest that circles you Emily osment panties to kill Call. Hint, hint ;p. If you fail a mission, then return to last npc quest giver. Is the endgame doable solo?

Same strategy at the safe house: when you get jumped, immediately run outside, the guards will break aggro and you can go back in and take them out one by one, then take out the commander. Wish they could introduce it as a city structure or even a player house!!!

Things to do on swg legends?

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