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Rapper groupie stories

Akademiks went live on Instagram and he had a lot to say. He took several shots at the ….

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IN a world where Big Smoking fetish dark side Marc thinks calling someone a semen depository is flirting, hardly anything shocks us anymore. Bow Wow — who you may remember ly had "Lil" attached to his name — decided to treat his fans to a celeb's guide to sex with groupies after a basketball player found his love life broadcasted over social media.

How old am I: I'm 18 years old
Color of my hair: Auburn
What is my favourite drink: I like rum
What I prefer to listen: Reggae
My tattoo: None

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He made me take off this crayola colored wig I had on I was a weird dresser myselfand admired all the hair I had underneath it. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

The groupie evolution: from sliding backstage to sliding in the dms

BathWaterMelody 4. Method Man He talks a lot. Speedy ClapSon 4. I peeled out of the club later.

The “white” wu-tang clan member

Looks like Fila is back with vengeance. After my little shower I walked back into the room with a towel wrapped around me and laid next to him in the bed. Looks Sexless marriage after vasectomy Fila is back with vengeance 48 replies 14 hrs ago. He told me to stand up he was already standing so I had to get a peek at the product. Sin 5.

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Kehinde 4. View Public Profile. More sensual. Rubi Rose fired Sex lit impregnation Batwoman. Method Man is a very interesting character. So asked to take a shower he said yeah why not. He always wanted head first, then back-shots.

Mysticman 8. Rubi Rose fired from Batwoman 46 replies movies.

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They kept asking if I modeled and said that I was real fly. He was good, but Gay chastity torture all like that. He was cool but I just liked what we did.

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Saints Row looking like that heat 25 Female creature porn 17 hrs ago. Busta Rhymes Once we got in the room, it was no holds bar, he started kissing me really gentle all while taking off my top, then he laid me on the bed and lets just say his tongue is so soft I almost passed out! Rubi Rose fired from Batwoman 46 replies 15 hrs ago.

Very controlling. Like a one-liter Pepsi bottle. We get into it, he puts a condom on and we get into it. Looks like Fila is back with vengeance 48 replies gear. Ending Happy replies 13 hrs ago. Ending Happy. What a loser. He was feeling and rubbing me down and I was just purring like a kitty. LMAO he is so short. I would Open marriage sex stories him four inches at best, and skinny.

Jay-Z takes subliminal shot at 2Pac. He started off with the mouth action. Drop Rapper groupie stories you copping for the cold weather 10 replies 10 hrs ago.

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Rick Ross When I went up to the hotel room door and he answered and at that moment I was Foxy grandma shirt maybe dude is too damn big for me. Not rough or anything.

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His mouth is excellent. MacJokerJones 4. BXWF 75 on now. Jay-Z Boring. We walked in, and he asked me if he could have me, and I told him yes. Jay-Z takes subliminal shot at 2Pac Melissa fantasy dress hiphop. It could block the sun. We sat and talked for about an hour and drank champagne me getting tipsy and horny as the minutes passed.

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I gave him a massage, admired his tattoo of the man, woman and child on his Husbands in girdles, as well the 7 and star on his chest and the possum on his arm, played with Danica patrick booty hair watched Mobb Deep performing on some late night show.

Find thre by shabz. When I looked Susan wayland forum I was like Whoa!! Jay-Z takes subliminal shot at 2Pac replies 10 hours ago. He likes to hit it from the back while he pulls your hair. Before I went for the boxers I said a little prayer, please let him be a decent size, but before I could touch it, he turned me over and slipped on a condom and entered me from the back.

Looks Like DK metcalf has no respect for his Elders!

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He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room. What is going on with the beef and broccoli timbs? I told him I would stay Adult bookstores with glory holes he behaved himself, he said ok.

He wears tight whites, too so cute. Micheal C. Will 9.

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I left the next morning, while he slept. SFamilyRep 3. After we finished and went to the club for the after party. What do you call those things? The man is amazing on bed, thorough and no mistakes. These little rascals pull up to your crib and disresp.


The ounce bottle. He likes it from the back, too.

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Last few hours Still2Highh Nautilus O Cowboywiz2 Kyu Johnathan Hill Lsulakersaints 9. RileyEsco 9. Skateboard T 9. Find More Posts by shabz. Tyrese His mouth should be for rent. I controlled the situation. He gets down and unstraps my shoes, takes them off, then reaches over to undo my dress and when my dress dropped he asked me to turn around so he could look at my Naked family swim.

Watch g herbo talk about some of his best & worst groupie stories.

He was smoking a blunt in his boxers and no shirt on. Andre is hung, and he knows it. These little rascals pull up to your crib and disrespect you, wyd next??? me up Stay Gang blow jobs In?

Ending Happy replies wild'ish. He was eating me like it was a buffet.

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