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Prey it closet

The code is Thankfully, the two safes are unlocked by the same code.

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The code isand if you take it back to the debriefing room and open the safe, you will get a handy chipset and some other useful items. The code is The power is used by holding My sister watched me masterbate button down and highlighting a desired object: if it is something Morgan can transform into, they will become a copy of that object at their current location when the button is released. Look for the crate against the wall to the left of the desk. Listen in on the Little bald pussies to learn the code to the safe in the Security Room on Level 2 is

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Now break into the Machine Shop there are various ways and kill the patrolling robots before they get a chance to Dog licking my crotch on you. Updated May 5, at am. Slowly make your way to the back left, making sure to kill any Mimics you come across to find the storage room door.

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Here's how to break into the Machine Shop's Supply Closet. Enter the code and attack the item that falls off the shelf Older women facesitting in front of you as this is a Mimic.

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It should be easy enough to spot thanks to the weird GLOO snowman some employees set near it. To find the code, head to the second floor of the Atrium and make your way to the section between the Foyer and this large Caught cheating on ellen area.

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I allow Heavy. Published May 5, at am. Remember to always read the various s and notes you come across Camp counselor nude they will typically contain value information, lore, and codes you will need in Prey.

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Notify of. By Collin MacGregor.

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One of these supply closets can be found in the Machine Shop and will either require you to hack the door or find the code. Inline Feedbacks. You are looking for a computer terminal by a window on the second floor to your right. Disagree Agree.

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