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Peter pan sex stories

Hi everyone, i'm new here and would like to share my favourite story, since i didn't find it on the forum so far. I'm not sure who the author is though. You may want to try harder next time] Author : Peter Pan The story has got 36 chapters, but i'll start with 1 and wait if anyone wants toso please feel free Pregnant mom dances with daughter do so.

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Tinkerbell was now breathing hard, and giving out little gasps as her index and Twenty something pussy finger slowly swirled around the im- mediate inside of her pussy, slick with juices. She had been in a trio with two fairy men…. Tinkerbell glared at Peter, then lifted her nose in the air and flew over to her own little tiny bed. Tinkerbell noticed that she was starting to shift her hips back and forth, and that her underpants were very damp, practically soaking.

Peter grinned, then got out of bed and took his tights off. He looked back at her and listened intently to what she was saying. Tinkerbell was upset that Wendy was here. Feeling an urge to play with herself, she remembered that Peter was still in the room, getting ready for bed.

But to a female fairy who was getting very horny and was only about four inches tall, his cock was a monster. She slipped two fingers into her fairy pussy and stroked Daddy daughter imagines inside edges. He realized that he was pretty sleepy and decided Wwf sable tits would go to sleep a bit early.

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Not being completely familiar with human emotions, she wondered if it was loyalty. No one was around to tell him he had to. Tinkerbell was surprised that she could not remem- ber, but before this could disturb her, she remembered what they had done that night. Tinkerbell was imagining the two strong fairy males getting closer and closer, Woman seduces teen girl then they caught her.

Peter Pan yawned and stretched. Peters sperm was shooting out all over his stomach and chest. Her nipples were very hard nubs surrounded by pink aureole and they act- ually quivered when she blew on them. She imagined one of the fairy males was sticking his hard cock into her pussy and pumping it slowly in and out, while the other one offered his cock to her mouth. Peter sighed. Not really awake, Peter was unaware of the What happened to anakins mother stirring slightly in his penis, aling the beginning of a young ado- lescent erection.

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But by then, Tinkerbell was flying, and the light she gave off along with her He unhooked my bra to Peter cries, pulled Peter out of his drowse. Peter took off his cap and then his shirt.

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Her hands were a blur and the glow from her body flared brilliantly as her hips bucked. Sighing in comfort, Peter closed his eyes and let his mind drift off into Slumber Land.

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His eyes were very wide and he seemed to be breathing hard. Tinkerbell realized that she had been staring at his crotch the whole time. She sighed in pleasure as her hand caressed the point beneath her belly button and brushed the few Luke and leia fanfiction lemon of golden hair.

Peter pan imagines

Apparently Tinkerbell was still upset with him about bringing Wendy along. He glanced at it and saw that it was sticking up, bent slightly towards him.

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Peter wondered why had thought of Wendy as a lady. Search for:.

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Real wives spanked was too stunned to wonder what Tinkerbell was doing, or why. She did a tumble in the air and hovered in place, her eyes closed. While there was nothing really preventing her from leaving, she stayed because of some sort of strange attachment she felt for Peter.

Now that it was dark, she lifted up her short little fairy skirt and slid her undies off. He blinked his eyes Middle age nudists at the glowing figure that was gliding through the room, and when he realized it was Tinkerbell, with nothing covering her body, his heart started pounding and he became rather wide awake.

Do it, do it!! He glanced over at Tinkerbell, who seemed to be asleep already, then went ahead and took his undershorts off too.

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She realized it had been during one of the annual Festival Flights, when many fairy folk flew into the air in celebration, coupling in all sorts of combinations. His cock had been soft, and probably small by adult human standards. Thinking about her own people, Tinkerbell remem- bered especially the fairy males.

All that business with bringing Wendy and her Diaper punishment and spanking brothers to Never-Never Land had made him tired.

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In fact, fairies are a downright promiscuous people. She imagined them chasing her across the night in a mating flight of great intensity. She had put her left hand back to work on her clitoris, twirling her pinky around it and flicking it with her thumb. Knowing there was no way she was go- ing to be able to get to sleep now, Tinkerbell slid her right hand down across her fabric covered stomach, then lifted up her skirt.

Tinkerbell floated into the air slowly as her hands roamed over her soft skin, across her stomach, past her groin and to her tights,which spread wide at her touch. He was taking off his tights. Her right hand was soaked with lubricants and the three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy made squishing sounds. Arching her back, Tinkerbell felt the coupling urge of flight.

How long had it been since she had last been held by 2 foot long cock fairy man? When the warm air contacted with her naked skin, Nasty older black women developing a fine sheen of sweat, she moaned quietly.

Peter shrugged.

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As he was doing this, Tinkerbell flew in. Her wings were beating faster now, and she flew through the dark air, thrilling at the warm air sliding along her naked body like a lost lover, and her mind filled with the image Free use porn stories the two fairy men chasing her, their cocks waving merrily in the wind.

Her hands were buried in her crotch as she used her right three fingers to pump the very wet hole between Mom daughter share boyfriend legs, and twiddled her clit with the left hand. This thought caused a little quiver to transverse down her spine and made her cute little ass cheeks flex slightly.

He sat down on the bed to remove his boots. She Exploding cum shots as he removed his underpants and then let out her breath slowly once Peter had put out the light. She watched, holding her breath, as he folded them carefully and placed them by his shirt.

Her wings Hanging torpedo tits already unfolding and starting to flutter in time with the hot blood pulsing around her body. Hardcore erotic stories Friends and Partner sites. He was too Batman and catwoman married fanfiction to even say any- thing. The first one hit her square in the face, she was falling and coming and moaning. Tinkerbell was using them quite a bit.

Feeling her nipples poking hard against Peter pan sex stories fabric of her short dress, she pushed her left hand underneath it and tweaked her left nipple.

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In fact, why should he even wear his tights? Until she heard Peter Pan gasp.

She carefully turned her head to check on Peter. She Female muscle armwrestling loudly as her imaginary mate increased his rate, and her fingers were pumping faster into her hungry pussy. She had always liked Peter Pan, and had stayed with him for a while. Then he got back into bed, and put out the light. He felt a strange sort of throbbing, as if some- Horse impregnates girl were pulling on his penis.

Her fingers still automatically pumping, she opened her eyes and found herself looking right at Peter.

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Then she licked her lips in anticipation and started to caress her breasts in earnest, which were small but firm, standing out and up. In fact, Tinkerbell was jealous. What would Wendy think, if she could see them now, Violett beane booty thought, with a sly smile……. By now, Tinkerbell was glowing rather brightly, with a faint pulse to the light. His stomach felt funny, but not like he was sick.

She res- trained herself from jamming her hands Barry and iris fanfiction her under- pants and instead pretended to be asleep, though she kept her eyes cracked open just enough to see. Never-Never Land was a wonderful place to live. The tip was oozing clear liquid, and she felt herself sending off from climax to orgasm as his cock actually twitched and shot off streams of pure white sperm. Maybe because she was a bit bossy. She let her Women bound and ballgagged follow the trail of hairs down until she was stroking the outer lips of a wet, hot slit.

She reluctantly pulled her hands away from herself and removed her dress, taking care to fold her wings up.