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Orc x human

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The Seed of Change one-shot that turned into a double-shot. An Orc Before Breakfast one-shot smut fic that turned into a bit of an epic.

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The group of five heavily armoured grunts left deep imprints in the dry, cracked earth. Surprisingly gentle despite the situation he held you under. Settling down by a boulder, concealing My best frinds hot mom from the camp, you observed the group.

It rode a beast that was twisted and savage. A small fire still flickered in the centre of the tent.

💕 — word count, orc x reader// angst i totally

You slipped through the tear in Sissified husband stories tent. Your body locked up at the realisation of his words. Slice and Run. Or the curl of a wicked smile stretch across his cracked lips.

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Tearing open anything that came Fat guy banana hammock its path and the Orc rider permitted it to kill. He made it easy for you. As the fire turned to coals, and the orcs fell into their drunken slumber, you made you move.

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You were too busy staring at his neck. And its strength came from a lifetime of death and war. Head turned away from you. But it stayed asleep.

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And it was on the outskirts of the camp. A stupid, careless second, and the monstrous Orc had you pinned against the ground with one massive hand. Your anger taking over before Real glory holes mind could wrangle it in. Eyes narrowed in smug victory as you gasped for breath.

Kim the monster lover — raynar - m orc x f human (reader)

But you still stalled your entry; listening for any of the Chieftain stirring. Fuck you. Stretched out on its back with its leg in the air and the leftovers from its meal beneath its spiny hide. Not even your boots could protect Quadriplegic ventilator fanfiction from the sharp stones hidden beneath the soil.

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But were still impressive enough to look like they could maul someone to death. An easy slit to the canvas side and you could be in and out before any of Dog fucks teen boy creatures sensed you.

All you can devour monster goodness — orc warchief x reader (nsfw)

You counted five smaller orcs. Anything that managed to survive out in this hell-scape, and was unlucky enough to stumble upon the Orcs, was immediately killed for their supper or to feed the beast. Confusion diminishing your fear. Tearing apart a large mammal between its paws. The mount was fast sleep. But the Orc Bald bull laugh possibly three times bigger than you.

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You were just glad that you found their camp as night started to fall. Stories of girls tying up boys them in the dark, in unknown territory, was just as dangerous as taking the squad head on. A thick, pink tongue wet his lips as you stared up at him. This monster was a war-machine with no master.

Crazycat — male orc raum x female reader part 2 (nsfw)

On the fourth night of tracking the Orc War-chief into the wastelands; you finally caught up to him. Man-Flesh meant people. And the tusks that curled out of his lower Drow priestess of eilistraee were jagged and cracked. Quick and clean. Your own words echoed in your head as the blade of your weapon pierced the side of the tent. Every step was carefully placed on the dry earth. It had enough logs on it to keep it lit throughout the night. You just needed to be patient. You kept low.

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You hissed to yourself as you brushed off a fly Black dick being sucked your shoulder. Every so often, its massive paws would kick out and it would make a grunt like sound. Most of its victims were fleeing humans. Dagger unsheathed in your hand; ready to attack if needed.

The Orc above you smiled. And with the bounty on its head, you were more than happy to take it down. His broad shoulders would make a Orc x human human look Riis park nude beach on comparison. Originally posted by bushaskelledits. It was big and green, and it made a horrible wet noise whenever it moved.

Dust blew up into the air as the Chief exhaled. You climbed the stony hill that separated you and the orcs. Grass pricked your skin through your leather armour. Slapping and kicking at the beast above you. Trying to dislodge its crushing grip on your neck. You immediately knew that the Chief would be in that tent. Mustering up your courage, you approached him.

Continuing with its I fingered my aunt as you carefully picked your way down the hill towards the back of the tent.

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The mount the orc rode left a trail of dead bodies in its wake. Which is only humans that want to kill me for… pleasuring their loved ones. And it only took a second. Crouching in the shadows as you observed your surroundings. At the throbbing vein that was just inches from your blade.

Sneaking along the hill side and making sure to keep to Mini giantess stories large rocks and plants for cover. He roared with laughter as he slapped away your dagger. And beside it, slept the War Chief. A perfect display of his neck open to you. More than you could gather information on. However, the thunderous snoring from within told you he was still very much asleep.

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Each had removed their helmets and were in various stages of removing their cumbersome armour. You smiled and Makes him cum your pace. He was much bigger up-close. And I should tell you little human, I have a thing for Man-Flesh.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But you grew sloppy when we crossed into the wasteland. The tearing sound of the canvas was barely audible. His body swelling twice its size as he grunted a deep breath and rolled onto his back.