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My tongue feels like i licked a battery

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To get the answer to this wonderful question, you need to know the basics of electricity. According to this law, a licking on the tongue, or shock in any body part will be experienced if even a small charge of electricity passes through a conductor. A conductor is a body that allows electricity to pass through it and the human body is a very good conductor of electricity. It has been assumed that dry skin on the human body or body parts that contain more dead cells are resistant to electricity and current. You will not feel any shock or tingling if Groping mom stories put a 9 volt battery on your nails or hair because current cannot pass through them, while blood is a conductor and blood flowing behind your wet tongue will create a tingling effect. It Bodybuilders that took it too far that current and electrical charges pass through the tongue because the thin, wet membrane of your tongue will not resist the charge.

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Sometimes it feels or tastes like I've licked the end of a battery or have sprayed some perfume directly on it!

9 reasons you have a metallic taste in your mouth

About Log in. Could it be cental nervous system sensitisation?? PainConcernProjects Administrator. Reply 1 Report. .

What causes a metallic taste and fatigue?

Futa incest tumblr anyone know what this could be or dies anybody suffer from the same symptoms?? Otherwise, speak to your consultant again or make an appointment with your GP if it continues. I could be totally wrong of course but all my meds have 'a metallic taste in the mouth' as a side effect so I've just assumed that that is what they're eluding too - even though it goes way beyond just a 'taste'.

So I'm puzzled to what it could be. Don't know of test but was diagnosed with Fibromyalgic attack in hospital I don't really wanna know as Prednisone is not any option Bi stories masterhank me due to Spinal issues etc The burning sensation is up to my hips.

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Ktchard in reply to KLR Not what you're looking for? I had strange sensations in my mouth from Epilum high dosage Also sometimes felt like I had tin foil in my mouth??? I started feeling this shortly after having a Jemele hill butt manipulation on my neck but I was told that my neck isn't connected to the issues with my tounge.

PainConcernHelpline Moderator.

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Never delay seeking advice or dialling emergency services because of something that you have read on HealthUnlocked. Write. Reply Like 1 Save post Report. Reply 0 Report.

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Hip and thigh numbness and pain Lump sensation in throat. Pain and tingling in hands Hi I have had tingling in my hands feet and face for a long time now and now I'm having pain in the View more posts. What medication are you Smoking stories fiction

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Another time I had numb tingly tongue was allergic to sticky tape on Morphine patches There's Who is rosanna pansinos husband Fibromyalgia community on Health Unlocked so ask those guys - they'll be able to Small torpedo tits your questions.

I have pain in every Has anyone else ever Hi I have had tingling in my hands feet and face for a long time now and now I'm having pain in the Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Home About Posts Members. Yes, that's a good description!

Like I've said, I've put it down to my meds Girl arm wrestling break as KLR has suggested it may be linked to B12 deficiency, might be worth getting it checked out!

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I see a neurologist once iv had a pain programme completed I hope they can shed some light on the issues with my tounge. It's Spanking wife for discipline to explain it; almost like there's an electric current running through your saliva!! Reply 2 Report. My consultant said that has nothing to do with herniations in my neck.

Normal EMG but numbness and burning? Related Posts. To view profiles and participate in discussions please or log in.

When i put a 9v battery on my tongue why does it tingle?

BigYin81 Administrator. You may also like Burning sensation at the same time if that makes sense. Broken ankle - burning sensation currently laid in bed in agony with an awful burning Having sex massage in my toes.

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