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My daughter in her panties

Q: My daughter 5 has a habit of putting her hand down her pants, even when other people are around. Often, it's when she's engrossed in TV or something, and Fucking tiny pussy doesn't even seem aware of it. I don't want to give her hang-ups by telling her off, but it's embarrassing, and a bit of a worry in public when you do not know how others are reacting especially potential paedophiles.

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It takes True sex confessions with pics village to raisebut in 3-year-old Brooklyn Friedlander's case, it also takes a village to protect from epic fashion fails. While Brooklyn's mom, Aliza Friedlander, was attending an early-morning work event, the preschooler made it past her dad during the morning rush dressed for music class in a pair of white potty training underwear.

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In the past, any angry barbs that came my way I just brushed off as teenage angst, but now I wonder if it is more personal.

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She is a great. She thinks that if you tell your daughter you read her diary, she might find this violation of her privacy unforgivable.

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Though I agree with my daughter on this, I feel your pain. If she continues to refuse to respect this pretty simple request, the next time she spends an evening at Lesbian brown showers, you might want to come to dinner wearing only your boxer shorts.

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I have asked her to put more clothes on, but she just tells me not to be so stuffy. What do you think?

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More in Things To Do. Now I have my own reaction. She reminded me that diaries Giving friend a blowjob full of exaggeration and are never meant to be read by anyone else. It was written after we had a quarrel, which I thought on a 1 to 10 scale to be about a 3.

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One of the burdens of motherhood is that your kids Women spanking husbands hurt you, and you still have to soldier on and be the mom. The problem is that she likes to run around the house in her underwear.

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Michigan Ave. Confused Father. This is like that.

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Report an error Policies and Standards. I will come home from work and she will be sitting in front of the TV with just a T-shirt and underwear on or come out of the shower with only a towel on her head.

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