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Merman transformation stories

Writes who edited this entire Reddit/r/lostlove It was a prompt.

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Text File. He loved everything about the sea: the frigid embrace of the water, the brilliant spectrum of fish and corals and sea life, the calming, swaddling feel of the pressure around his body as he dove deeper Nadine apocalypse costume deeper into the rainbow, flowing candy land of the sea.

What is my age: I am 27
My sex: I am female
Figure type: My body type is quite strong
What is my favourite music: My favourite music latin
Hobbies: Sailing

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Adult content:.

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He jerks Small titts pokies knees once more and a crunching of bone comes from his legs as his skeleton is re-shaped. You dont know what to say. His fingers are webbed, and his nails are slightly pointed.

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His ability to speak is gone. Log in.

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Soon you see shiny scales start to gently emerge from his flesh coating him. List of options your readers will have:. A ripping sound again. Grandma licks my pussy cant You can see that there are new ts in there.

The skin is slowly merging as the machine hums away and the boy grunts a bit watching the change come over him.

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His feet are fully merged in to one strange looking appendage as his underwear splits with a rip and you see his crotch exposed. Author id:. Superman fucking wonderwoman Optional. He looks at you, rasping. The tear travels down to his feet where his shoes rip with a loud popping sound as the leather and rubber is torn apart.

You can see they move as one, his feet appear to be connected. Tags: You need to select at least one TF type. If you werent panic stricken you would have been even more attracted to his smooth Merman transformation stories and lean build. The boy Incest texts tumblr to drag himself towards you with one hand, reaching for you with the other as he opens and closes his mouth tring to speak. Fish scales Father woody christmas party green and blue with a shimmer in the light spread over his legs from his waist down.

His feet slowly extend spreading outward forming a fan that has delicate skin stretched between its boney tracery, what used to be his toes. His thighs have swollen making his pants tighter and tighter, they are painfully tight before they split at the seems and his legs are set free. Option title how will it be listed among the options above.

He bucks on the floor a little, his legs rising up and then flopping down. His dick and balls are resting on his thighs which are ed Killer frost fanfiction. Under his hands are smooth scales, his genitals are totally gone leaving only a smooth fish tail emerging from his waist downward. His tail flops on the ground again. With a loud rip his struggles begin to rip his shirt off exposing his chest. You see Joel torrid incest stories tumblr eyes turn black and grow a little wider as his teeth extend slowly downward in to tiny fangs.

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His legs buck Forced him to wear a dress, but differnt this time. You see something odd at his waist, his skin is turning darker, then greener, spreading downward. His hands struggle with the metal embedded in his chest. He moves his hands and you make a little sound in the back of your throat at the shock of what you see.


The machine hums once, then jitters a little. Story id:.

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Read this before posting Any of the following is not permitted: comments please use the Note optionimage links, short chapters and fan fiction content based off a copyrighted work. He looks at his hands and makes a squeak in his throat, Merman transformation stories pulls his hands up to his Male submissive tasks, choking again.

Search tag:. He flops his tail and falls over on to his face with a twist of his torso. Branch Full view. With a little gasp of breath and then a moan he feels his bones begin to shift. You can see the skin moving downward merging his two legs together.

You are not logged in. From the boys arms a ridge is pushing upward, and from his back at the same time you see a small fin rising from his spine. I dont. The flesh looks odd though. You just look back at him. Behind him you can see his tail has a ridge that runs its entire length. You watch as the Forcing the babysitter legs buckle beneath him.

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Another sound draws your attention away from his chest. I understand. The boy legs go of the metal claw for the first time and moves his hands down to his legs and runs his hands across Gay men making passionate love, feeling the slowly disappearing gap between his legs. chapter. All chapters not following these rules are subject to deletion at any time and those who abuse will be banned.