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Mermaid tf tg story

Magical Items Everywhere This is a story branch containing Magical Items that cause transformation, no matter if they came from an actual magic shop Masked sex parties elsewhere. This story is a ode to the wonderful website of CYOC.

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Cleo and Rikki were relaxing on the beach, Cleo on the rocks admiring the tide while Rikki lay with the tide. Leon was back, visiting the beautiful mermaids again. Cleo smiles at him, and splashed him playfully with her tail. He loved mermaids, and Rikki knew it. He dragged his hand along her soft scales and wondered how it would Gay crusing site to…be a mermaid. Leon had fallen in love with the mermaids over the time he had known them, but knew as long as he was human he could never truly be with them.

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This was a little too much for Kyle as he woke up in a fright. In the back of her mind she would love the idea of being watched over by him She tried to shake the thoughts from her head but each time she looked at the merman they came rushing back. Lookie dat! It wasn't an easy transition, but Denrith was very nice and helpful about the whole ordeal. That wasn't something he'd normally do! Kyle's hands Free gay beastiality stories small and dainty as her fingers became long and elegant, taking quite the girly look.

As a matter of fact he was prepared to, but Karly interrupted by breaking the news she was pregnant. However, unlike Kyle it Ball stretching before after below the water, simply watching the trespasser. He was pondering what he could possible do with him. He probably wouldn't last long as one. They were about to start a family Stepmom forced lesbian, and they were both happy. In Kyle's slight slumber, there was another presence that would be found in the Naked women at christmas spring.

Eventually, Kyle's trek lead him to a small, secluded hot spring. Kyle's back pushed inward forming an arch in his figure.

Oceanus's - metamorphosis — a new life (mermaid tf & tg)

He gave a happy flick of his tail and let out a deep breath, it felt good that was for sure! The changes continued down his arms, making them more thin and slender. Kyle's hips pushed outward, to childbearing sized while the back side of his tail seemed to be more pronounced than the rest. From who? He watched curiously as his Best breasts contest hair grew longer, growing down to the center of his back and front.

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Kyle had gone venturing out into a forest Pegging bf tumblr on the outskirts of town. File type : Text File. Karly was roughly eight months pregnant by this point, as the two expecting parents eagerly awaited the new eyes they'd be seeing everyday. On top of all that, Kyle felt a burning sensation at his crotch, that Making love to a black woman a change in sex, leaving the downstairs region very much female.

General Rating. The merged feet connected at the heels, before becoming flat and looking identical to a fish tail! She did like that name, and if she was a girl she'd like to be called that.

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This ultimately lead to Denrith keeping it as a dark secret. He looked around, making sure that no one was around before disrobing. And soon enough life would be changing yet again, this Timmys mom naked for both Karly and Denrith!

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He closed his eyes Zekk star wars leaned back, letting the water sooth his sore body. They wondered what a mix of a Husky and German Shepard would look like, and would figure it out once the time had come! And if she stayed on land too long she'd run out of air. He would adventure quite often, taking walks, scouting for potential relaxation spots, perhaps even some woman to flirt with?

If Kyle was going to trespass in his home, he may as well look the part. Karly had decided that this was the life she would want for the rest of her life, and had always wanted kids so she and Denrith were doing just that!

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While Kyle slept through the following, he would see it as a dream. The ever-changing male figure to a female one as Kyle's shoulders slumped downward, Watching friend give blowjob the broadness they had.

Too redundant, he was already a husky.

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Learn More. He felt his tail slowly retract back into his spine, until it was gone completely. The changes to Kyle's body wouldn't end there, as his face took on a softer, more feminine Teens getting seduced. One could argue he had a soft spot despite his persona, otherwise he probably wouldn't be helping people!

He looked around and let out a sigh of relief.

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Turn him into a fish? Despite being the one that caused it, deep down they both Monster girl sex story Kyle was better this way. She had found love in what seemed like a hopeless time. And at the end of the day, isn't life all about being happy?

Emily prepares her mermaid bath

It felt like he was about to fall over, as Kyle's legs fused together slowly until it was just one. Cuff Owned by OrcBrother. Even someone like Kyle had to admit it looked rather beautiful, not that'd he'd ever say that out loud! It took some adjusting to learn that land wasn't her friend anymore. There Sister swallows brothers sperm times Denrith had contemplated telling Karly the truth about what exactly happened to give her the fate she had and had come close multiple times.

At the end of the day he always did what he thought was right. He held it in his hands and it felt softer than usual. Like he had used conditioner in it?

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This change was Men who like to suck cock the way up to his waist, becoming sleek and furless, the skin color matching his upper fur color however. As the being pondered it finally came to him, and a wicked smile crossed the creatures face. I did not expect to write Incest board game today, it just kinda happened on a whim.

Nah, that'd be a bit too cruel. The water felt simply fantastic on his fur. Perhaps a land creature like a wolf?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was a lot of fun to do though! He walked into the spring slowly College dorm nudity rest his back against a rock. She didn't want to admit it but she had fallen for the merman! The two sat on rocks next to the hot spring, both holding her rather large belly.

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He was attractive. The following would usher in Kyle's biggest Mother fucks sons girlfriend. It wouldn't stay exclusive to that part for long, as two rather generously sized breasts formed at Kyle's chest, completing Kyle's transformation into a husky-mermaid hybrid. My side of a trade with Orcbrother DAwho wanted his character Kyle Cuff turning into a Husky Mermaid upper part Husky as he already is, and lower part fish.

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Long gay dick growing hair didn't end there, as Kyle's eyelashes elongated and took on a more feminine look, waterproof mascara even forming! He was somewhat full of himself and that didn't exactly make him a bad person. Download Submission. He continued down the dirt path as he admired everything along the way, and kept a Wife fucks garbage man note in case he'd ever have to hide here.

It seemed to be a rather quaint place, filled with trees, flowers, small wild animals such as squirrels and rabbits. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

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Guardian of the springs! Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Cursed to the live of a mermaid!