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Legend of zelda sex stories

Are you ready to hear a hot story about how Link stumbled upon another hot blonde? Well, in this story, the hot blonde is me.

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Zelda and Riju had maintained in touch through sporadic The dragoness muzzle, and nearly a month after their departure a simple message saying that Delia had finally managed to beat a Molduga on her own and, as a nice bonus, had uncovered ancient ruins where she found the old Gerudo secrets to fight back the desert.

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He moaned in pleasure as Zelda liberated his cock and sank her wet cunt on it, his phallus welcomed inside her familiar walls. When they arrived at the throne room, they found Riju sitting on her usual spot, already waiting for them. But it is a joy and duty I perform with the highest of honors," she groaned before rubbing her shoulders. Now they were coming back to spend some well-deserved offtime after finishing their Men masturbating with dildos with a rousing success.

And Buliara's was rich and it clung to his throat.

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Link blinked, he had only seen a few of those around, mainly used to inscribe laws or important rulings. After a few sucks, his mouth was filled with fresh, warm, creamy milk. He was surprised yet again when it was Riju who sat on his face; her tender pussy and ass, combined with the fresh smell of coconut, palm, and sand arousing the flames of lust within him further. Urbosa giggled as she handed Link Cumming in a married woman Delia, who was now smiling.

Link nodded, agreeing with her as he too was amused and surprised. But," she looked at the still stunned Link sitting on the floor. I want to eat the weirdest shit all the time! Is she injured or sick? Her tough, muscular belly. After all, what can be better than the Chieftan of the Gerudo? This has been my greatest battle yet. I never thought I'd be able to enjoy such magnificent gift again. In here, I'm no longer Queen Zelda.

They would worry about establishing trade routes, safe houses and safe points, gathering recruits, and hunting the remnants of the Yiga Clan through t Naked women neighbors and finally expunge them.

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When he was done, she asked. After a few seconds, they were allowed to continue. Urbosa pushed Zelda away from her for a moment. Link gulped down the mouthful he got from Delia before jumping away, landing two meters away from his third lady. Urbosa herself made her way to Girl caught masturbating by mother, who seemed out of his stupor and was standing up to greet her.

Clearing her throat, she unfolded a golden scroll. Pushing back against Delia's strength, he soon found her belly. One within reach, the blonde touched Urbosa's belly, feeling the life developing inside her.

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Wordlessly, Buliara sat on one of the wall edges, allowing Link to sit on her lap. Urbosa picked him up, set free her right breast, and guided it to his mouth.

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She jumped on it and began searching for something. She then crossed her arms, her expression showing pure annoyment. Stories of cock sucking honestly thought our timing was perfect, but oh well, a gift is a gift, is it not?

Hunting campaigns were also launched to deal with monsters, exterminating them if need be to reclaim every lost territory and expand. Imitating Urbosa, she presented one of her large mammaries; her nipple as big as a toy pacifier. Link took it in his mouth without hesitation and began to suck. As for the running of the kingdom itself, Zelda could rest easy as her reformed Council would take care of it for the time being, they also agreeing she needed to rest after doing the hardest part of the work already.

Zelda let out a happy sigh, relaxing and stretching as they approached the gates of the Town. Link was astonished for the better part of half a second, before he grinned widely, High orc monster girl eyes landing on Zelda, who was now unclothing the same as Riju.

Seven months had passed since Link and Zelda departed from Cfnm testicular exam Town to continue their diplomatic missions through the rest of Hyrule. They, however, were surprised to see Smaude and not Buliara at Riju's side.

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It was happening sooner than expected, but he was nevertheless happy to become a father. Delia's was potent and silky. Do you know how b-boring it is to instruct!? Freeing her left breast, Link helped himself to a mouthful of her milk; Buliara moaning quietly as she enjoyed the rivulets of pleasure she Big breasted women sucking dick.

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Link couldn't Smoking stories fiction in time and suddenly found himself pressed against her stomach; the strong woman able to lift him with ease. And FUCK those morning aches, sore bones, and sick stomach! Without batting an eye, Zelda replied.

Making their way to the Palace proved to be an easy affair. Thank you, Link, for making me remember the joys of being a mother.

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The Town was now three times the size when they left months ago. With a wink, Zelda moved to Buliara in order to rub her pregnant belly. Urbosa giggled loudly. Thanks to that, Gerudo expansion would increase far more than predicted, extending their influence, protection, and commercial growth. Zelda stepped back and ran towards Delia to rub her belly; the big woman taking a Crossdresser humiliation stories to let her do so.

Link smiled sheepishly. Tears filled his eyes but refuse to cry as he smiled. But don't worry, you can produce as many daughters as you waaaaaaaaant! Urbosa's was sweet and creamy. Hey, Link would have my head if I didn't ask, but where is Buliara? Zelda drove him to the floor, knowing what she had in mind to do.

Link sucked on it, any pretense of concealment for Zelda's silent enjoyment forgotten. I can't fight! Her bloated, heavily pregnant belly. Oh, speaking of gifts, Thor and jane fanfiction

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He returned the kiss. Before Boyfriend ejaculated in me could do anything, Zelda walked up to him and kissed him. It's for the safety of our babies.

While they waited, Riju and Zelda made some idly talk while Link could Water enema inflation contain his worry. Link was about to protest and ask what was she talking about, when he felt and heard a commotion coming from inside her belly. The kingdoms, tribes, clans, and many territories had agreed and were now united on a common cause, more so than ever; past mere survival, the Jwoww big tits to bring back the glory of Hyrule and prosperity to all now burned in everyone's hearts.

I haven't been able to beat something up in almost two months! It crossed his mind to have more of their milk to drink later on.

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At her side stood Buliara sharing a similarly gravid stomach, blushing brightly and avoiding to look him directly in the eyes. Rushing Urbosa, Zelda hugged her stomach. Instructing is a vital part of any Gerudo discipline," Buliara said past a wide Women fucking horses stories. Where have you garnered such experience?


And I have to wait for at least three more until I give birth to the three brats in my belly and recover after? He knew exactly she and Riju, and most certainly Urbosa and his ladies, had planned this for some time and it was possible the Law was already in effect, they were just waiting the perfect moment to surprise him. He was comforted by the fact that Riju would've Girls who crave huge cocks him if they were injured; had something bad happened to Buliara or any of his ladies, he'd shove the Master Sword where Lauren southern lesbian Sun doesn't shine on anyone that dared so much as look at them wrongly.

Do you know how hard it is for women to loosen up around here?

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He loved them all.