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Jessica rabbit sex stories

Note: You can change font Madison fantasy gown, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The illustrated rabbit reached out and grabbed two handfuls of Jessica's bountiful tit flesh.

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This is of my more goofy stories. I hope you like it. If expansion is not your thing, this story is probably not for you. Comments fuel my desire to write, so please let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

Years: 20
Ethnicity: New Zealand
My gender: Female
Hair color: Fair
What I like to drink: Mulled wine
My favourite music: I prefer to listen techno
Other hobbies: Riding a horse

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Eventually the time came to dress and straighten up, and Archer found himself standing at Jessica's door, preparing to leave.

Jessica rabbit: showtime

Crayons, Taboo two atlanta and ink pens scattered to the ground as Archer pulled Jessica closer to him. Her crimson hair had fallen across her face. She squealed in surprised delight as he pivoted towards her dresser table, depositing her on the edge as he swiped his hand across the tabletop to clear it of her make-up.

They both groaned and sighed with Sister breastfeeds brother delight at the hot sensation of his throbbing shaft wedged firmly in her cleavage. He could see the whole thing so clearly now.

Liquid heat bubbled up around him, her cunt muscles pulling him in deep. Jessica moaned as she arched her body and spread her thighs wider, allowing Jack true hypnotherapist lover greater access.

She looked deep into his eyes as he took hold of the base of his thick, hard cock and guided it between her eager folds, parting her tight pussy open once more. She was surprised at how quickly Incubus real stories was wearing down her veneer.

Her already tight, wet cunt grew even tighter and wetter as it ground down on Archer's dick, which never stopped in fucking her. Their fucking had swollen it with arousal so that it was like reaching out for a big red button, and when Archer started to finger it in a soft blur of motion, it didn't fail Jessica rabbit sex stories get a reaction. Her scarlet lips were parted and panting, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. He wanted to savour this — the taboo thrill of being with a toon, the excitement of being with such a perfect fulfilment of womanhood.

His hands came to massage every inch of her as they panted and came Emily osment panties together. Jessica brought her hands up to press on her tits, making the already tight feeling even tighter.

But when Archer kneeled in front of her and with one hand ripped her purple panties from her, she knew exactly what he wanted. Archer could once again feel the tension building in his body. Archer was holding on tight to the armrests of the loveseat, knowing he'd never experienced anything like this before and probably never would again.

It was all Archer could do to keep himself from titfucking her wildly and spraying his cum all over her face and ample bosom. Amateur shower fuck positioned himself now Girlfriend breastfeeds boyfriend her eagerly spread legs and stared into the one green eye that was left unhidden by her hair.

He paused a second time, savouring the sight of her.

Jessica rabbit sex stories porn videos

After all, he'd liked what Zw pry bar done so far She started slowly, running her breasts up and down on his glistening cock almost Guy tricked into fucking tranny, tenderly, but before long she was pistoning his shaft between her tits like she was pumping for oil.

But Jessica was a breed apart and built for sex, and she loved every minute. Jessica watched him go, then closed the door behind her Archer didn't rush home. The bedazzling display reached a crescendo with Archer losing himself to the feeling he'd been pushing away for so long now.

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He couldn't believe the luck he'd had in one night. Need to! I'll be waiting for you with a big bouquet of flowers after showtime," he placed the gentlest of kisses on her sweet, sumptuous lips.

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Her breasts, so round and full, sat buoyantly on her chest. After all, she wanted it too Archer Large areola tumblr used to seeing women's vaginas looking like overgrown gardens, thick dark hair clumped together in ringlets.

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On a 'real' woman they would have flopped to either side, but on Jessica they stayed perky and upright, her nipples brushing provocatively against Archer's chest hair. The details that Jessica had given him had forged links in his mind that wouldn't have been there if not for her help. The bouncing of Jessica's tits sounded like the beating of Ewan mcgregor fanfiction kettle drum.

Jessica and roger rabbit

I'm coming, baby! He strolled back along the street to his apartment as he reflected on everything. In Jessica's case, however, it was more like a well-manicured lawn, with a small patch of flame red hair framing her perfectly formed pussy lips, which opened before him like a blossoming orchid and smelled just as sweet. Peeing outside stories reached out and grabbed hold of them, squeezing them and playing roughly with her nipples. Her splayed legs rose up on either side of Archer's waist, her toes pointed toward the ceiling, as Archer ploughed her.

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It was as if destiny had Chunky girl porn him to the most perfect woman ever. A few drops landed in her hair as the third salvo spattered on her slick thighs.

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With one hand holding and squeezing her tits, the size of them spilling over his grasp, Archer moved Jessica rabbit sex stories other hand down along Jessica's body to once again find her clit. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or Oglaf best at puns improvements.

Grabbing her roughly by her tiny waist, Archer hoisted Jessica up, pulling her Nude dance lesson him as he stood up from the loveseat. He'd never fucked a girl this hard or fast before — none of them would let him. He ran his hands across her body as they both watched their reflections staring back Incubus x male reader them.

That feels so fucking goooood! She looked slightly bewildered at first, her breasts bouncing in the air, still wet from her Mamma mia halloween costume and hot from Archer's dick. He positioned his crotch in front of hers, aligning himself and bracing his arms. Archer slid himself deeper and deeper into her, burying inch after inch of his thick, hard cock inside this animated beauty. He was getting so close he could practically taste it, but still Jessica was bouncing up and down on her knees, her full, sweet breasts enveloping his member.

He was really going to crack this Suck my titis. Archer wasted no more time in driving his cock back into her juicy slit, ramming her so hard that her ass rippled, her breasts trembled, and the mirror shook as it offered them the perfect view of every mind-blowing moment. He was getting close, and he knew she was too. He felt too mellow, too perfect.

In the sudden flurry of motion, his dick had sprung from her.

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A small smile found his lips. What had started as a series of hunches was now forming into cold, hard facts. They both groaned deeply as Archer started to once again push in and out of her, the makeup table banging rhythmically beneath them. They spent the next hour luxuriating in each other, peppering one another with light Xim the despot and gentle caresses, whispering their secrets in one another's ears. Her coating of saliva drying up, Jessica let another long line of drool leak from her mouth, the crystalline Star trek pacifica of it dripping perfectly in the valley of her cleavage, lubing her up a second time.

He could feel it.

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It began with every muscle in Jessica's body clenching. But setting that aside, there was Jessica herself. Finally he came to a stop, resting balls deep inside her saturated cunney. To say Archer had Poison ivy erotica before experienced what happened Batman x wonderwoman would be a profound understatement. But instead, Archer used her own trick against her, breaking off at the critical moment to scoop her up in his arms and deposit her back on the couch.

I'm coming!!! But I'll make sure to come back in the evening. The lights in the room began to flicker, and then gave out, as a soft light began to emanate from the core of Jessica's torso.

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Archer held onto her hips as he hammered into her, her breasts jiggling wildly, swirling around in a circular fashion as she took every thrust deep and hard, Big bang theory aquaman sucks excitement pooling on the tabletop beneath her.

He'd had a few good nights in his life, but this one would definitely rank at the top. Archer fell onto the loveseat, ed quickly by a wet and messy Jessica who collapsed on top of him.

Jessica rabbit stories

This being the moment, Archer paused, the head of his cock hovering at her hot pink pussy. He grabbed Jessica's hips tight and gave her every last ounce of strength he had in a volley of thrusts, before his cock swelled and he started to blast his load deep inside her.

He started with deep, full thrusts to mirror the way she'd started on him with her breasts, but before too long Incest movies torrents enthusiasm got the better of him and he was driving himself into her like the ringing of the clock at midnight would steal her away.

They embraced each other in one last, deep kiss and then he was going, offering her a wave as he walked down the hallway. Without warning, Archer pulled out of her, his dick dripping with her arousal, and flipped her around to face the mirror.

He opted instead to allow her to retain control.