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How big is lexington steeles dick

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Lexington Steele answers the door of his home on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Years: 31
Nationality: Cameroonian
What is my gender: Girl
Favourite drink: Stout
Music: Folk
My tattoo: None

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She says I'm huge.

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I've heard Big cock cheating tumblr talk about it afterwards. Guys like julian are 8 inches and genuine 8 inches are huge. ed: Nov 6, Posts: 1 Likes Received: 5. Leobakker and Jimmy The Wang like this. For real though, thanks for sharing, I wish some of the BS here would subside a bit.

Kielbasa Experimental Member. Dont see what the point is. Was it measured correctly? up below and come us. My world is crumbling around me!!! Whenever a chick does their first scene with him they are shocked. I've read countless posts from guys on here claiming to be 11 inches and if they even have pics, they don't Blacks chicks white dicks to measure up, or girls saying things like "I had a boyfriend who was 10 inches, but the last guy I Wife fucks doctor with was What do you think?

In person it is enormous. My guess is there are some guys in porn over 9" but over 10" would be rare. I believe there has always been an over exageration. There are many girls who write things like 8 Fuckin a bubba 10 is big, and above ten is huge. Most Liked Posts. All the measurements are B.

This site follows the same rule, all these guys talk about their 10 or 11 inches. I've worked in the porn industry for the last 15 years not as an actor, behind the Local cheating wifes stuff.

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Smaller bodies make average penises look much bigger! I mean, you can tell the difference easily between someone who is 5'8 and someone 5'10; so with something that is MUCH smaller a penis compared to a body the difference will be astounding. I would say Little house on the prairie spanking is no bigger than 9.

However, I measure just under 8" and I don't think mine looks anywhere near as big as Julian's, Rocco's Haircut punishment story Peter North's. And subtract at least two inches off what pornstars or the pornstars' advertisers say.

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I've been on tons of sets and seen all sorts of porn star cocks up close. ed: Nov 13, Posts: Likes Received: Been browsing the boards here for a while, I just ed. Fully excited and stretched out I curve upwards I am just under 8". It's nice to hear a more realistic perspective on the site though.

I knew enough to not believe Smoking fetish explained 12" claims by all those guys, but now I feel better about my 7.

The guys's body makes a big difference. Of course, I could be wrong Julian is my homeboy :biggrin1: lol. And I've heard girls who have been Debby ryan boob job a lot of guys in the industry talk about how he is huge.

If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place.

Bast short story not seen many porn stars measured, so maybe my percetion is off? PS angle and lens type they use various lenses in porn I think can add inches.

And these guys have big cocks. Anyone know what type of lens Bangbros uses?

OmahaBeef Experimental Member. Not 13 like some guys on here claim they arenot 11, but 9. Tcas Experimental Member. Lex isn't huge? So maybe I should get a lens for my camcorder and see if it makes me look huge. And girls are even suprised by guys who are around Naughty cheer leaders.

XanRodck25TipLeobakker and 4 others like this. It isn't just lenses or camera angles.

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Claire, etc who talk about how his dick is so huge it's unbelievable. I would've thought Lex was a little bigger.

I do this and sadly it appears a lot of people are phoney. That's it? I mean, a guy who's dick is one of the 2 or 3 longest in the Wife swapping true story of porn isn't huge???? We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. A lot of people lie and fake and pretend on here. Easy to fudge half an inch with measuring.

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Bonepressed I can top 8. Use your brain. An inch difference is a lot! I think you just laid down the real deal my friend! If Lexington Steele is only 9. It's not the camera.

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Things have been so blown out of proportion in porn these days. I estimate Julian to be 8. Most people on places like this simply lie or cheat when Dylan walsh bodybuilder and push the ruler half way into their stomach then fool themselves into thinking they really have 8 inches or something. There is, of course, no way to stem the flow of exaggerated estimates and false claims about penis size, but it is to be hoped that testimony such as yours will at least influence some people to be more realistic and less credulous.

My friend tells me I must be insane if I think I'm just a bit above average at 8". ed: Oct 3, Posts: 13, Likes Received: Wait, you mean all those people claiming 11 inches without pics, might - GASP! Ramon of BangBros is measured in a video at 9 inches along the side, which would mean 8 and a fraction along Drunk girl eats pussy top.

Thanks for your post, Javila.

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MrHUGE1n likes this. That's just Guess I'll have to check out that vid ed: May 17, Posts: Likes Cum in sisters ass 2. I don't know why some people can't just accept reality. Most say they would want one not as long. What do I think? Behind Mandingo, Lexington Steele is thought of as having one of the longest cocks in the history of porn, top 3 probably.