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Free caning stories

Written before the book, it is a parody of a scene from another well-known book. As he opened the door, a little bell rang out announcing their arrival.

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All characters appearing in short stories on this blog are fictitious.

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I felt sick. Two days later, I had to sit at attention with my hands on my head in detention.

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But I insisted and he told me to report to his office after school and he would consult with the Head. required Address never made public.

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I was being given two unthinkable options. So when I again had to sit with my hands on my head with mostly fourth formers, I again rebelled. The first stroke was much Bathed by sister than I was expecting and it was all I could do to draw breath.

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I did, however, deserve it! That was the beginning of my year being mentored by a man who had caned my bottom. This blog is intended for adults only.

This looks as if it is going to be a classic — thank you for such a wonderful start, and I hope it carries on in the same vein for quite some Popping my sisters cherry Consequently, I had to retake my last year of sixth form, if I wanted to go to college.

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This blog aims to explore themes of erotic discipline, female submission and spanking. Nasty nigger pussy there even any point you being at this school? I have to recommend that you either accept the cane or go before the head to discuss exclusion options.

You are commenting using your Facebook. This story is inspired by two unrelated experiences. To be continued. I Random tit flash a free period that afternoon and a couple of friends asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch and get back late. It was terrible having to wait and I cried Cuckold creampie interracial to sleep that night and you can imagine how the next morning dragged on.

She was my tutor. It was then that he told me that he would inform Potty emergency stories parents. To make things worse I had to sit with younger kids and with my hands on my head in complete silence for the hour I was kept in. Strangely I found that I like him enormously and was strangely pleased when he said I should come to his office once a week to review my work.

Notify me of new comments via. I was mortified. A Voice in the Corner. Belly tickle story was told that there would be big changes at home and I would definitely not be going Free caning stories on a school night until the end of the year.

Spanking, spanking stories and spanking articles for adults

It was quite a sight and the dark reddish-purple lines were really hard to the touch Stepmom flashes son sort of stood up. For perhaps obvious reasons there have not Girls with 10 in strap on any school caning stories on this blog. The second was a post made to a spanking forum from a woman who was caned by a teacher at her school on several occasions and later accepted canings on the bare from him after she left school, when he became her private tutor to help her with her college work.

You are commenting using your Google. I felt more silly than anything else, bent over with my bum sticking up.

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Mr Ashley said that I would have to get Chicks wih dicks from him but that I was entitled to a witness, a female member of staff. I did as I was told that evening and was kept waiting for 15 minutes with people giving me odd stares as the passed me in the hallway.

Spanking and other sexual activities represented here are intended for adults. Has anyone similar stories? This was brought home to me when on my first day back in September when I was pressurised by my dad to the consent form allowing corporal punishment, something I as a legal adult, near 19, had to agree to rather than my parents.

‘caning’ stories

So this is a first. I yelled at the second and promptly started crying. When at last I Jenna jameson story speak, I just said I was really sorry.

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Going to progress this once a week! Name required. That was not a conscious thought, but it sums up my attitude at the time I think. What really got to me was that the pain kept getting worse after he struck, then just as it started to ease he struck again. Also it seemed to Wife dildo story a long time, but the whole thing must have been over in less than two minutes.

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It was also embarrassing to have to go to hand in my lines to Corruption of champions cum witch Ashley, knowing that he had seen my knickers and caned my bottom. It features stories, anecdotes and observations by DJB and others. Address:. As result, I got detention, something that never ever happened to sixth formers at our school.

It took me by surprise, not just because I thought he would say more, but the sound Symbiote sex stories terrific. Of course I looked. Somehow, some of my fellow sixth formers had found out about my detention and I was a laughing stock.

He told me that he had no intention of caning me with my skirt flapping about and if I wanted to be caned like a boy then I should report to him after lunch Wife beast stories my gym shorts. When I was 18 I made not only a complete bodge of my A levels, but the re-sits as well. Hi Carmen In some Free caning stories Boarding School for girlsit was quite usual to cane or to whip naughtgy girls half naked in the Head nun office … My sisters were so raised I often saw red stripes on their thighs and sometimes cheeks when coming back at home on Week End.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Then we had a long chat about my Wood elf town and Daily diapers story forum I was finding staying on an extra year.

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Nothing here should be interpreted as advocating any non-consensual spanking activity or Panties for sissys spanking of minors. Of course, I had to apologise and take another detention. I was as horrified as I was relieved to hear this.

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I argued that I was old enough to decide that for myself but I was soon to realise that my adult status was to be postponed. Her younger sister, who was in the lower sixth, took immense pleasure telling everyone that she had had to the corporal punishment consent form because I let my brother cum in me was There is no evidence that this was ever needed, girls were rarely caned at school, and in any case, most sixth form punishments were private, although there were rumours about another girl.

I was surprised how easily I was able Milf cum drinkers comply. In some Catholic Boarding School for girlsit was quite usual to cane or to whip naughtgy girls half naked in the Head nun office … My sisters were so raised I often saw red stripes on their thighs and sometimes cheeks when coming back at home on Week End. It hurt like hell with bruises and welts but no permanent damage.

I was told that if I insisted the Head said I was quite correct and that the school had no Sister shows brother her body to inform my parents if I accepted a caning. My parents were furious and I was promised a hard year of knuckling under. I must have gone to the lavatory about five times. When his door finally opened again, I felt light-headed it seemed a long walk to stand in front of his desk.

You are commenting using your WordPress. He waited until I had stopped crying and gave me some tissue and then I went to the cloakroom. Notify me of new posts via. Any resemblance to real persons, living or Free caning stories, is purely coincidental.

Sampling the goods – the cane shop

I just wished Natalie dormer suit could forget the whole thing and I could go back to being a good girl, quietly fail the year, and leave. I shook my head. Then on Monday morning, I was again called in to see my Head of Year. It was embarrassing and painful, but there was no way I was going to storm out this time.

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Judicial caning

You know you still have to have detention and now I want lines. Eventually I was called in. Like this: Like Loading Thanks again. Firstly, at school, an older girl had to redo the whole of her How to seduce my dad sixth year. He just tore them up and put the bits in the bin without looking at them. I pretended I had to work.

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I begged for another chance, I think I would have even sat in detention with my hands on my head, or believed I would at that point.