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Foreman house that 70s show

These are the best Red Forman quotes. Updated on June 4th, by Kristen Palamara: That '70s Show has been off the air since and but it left an enduring legacy of unforgettable characters. There was main character Eric Forman 's nerdy yet sarcastic demeanor, Steven Hyde's cool and aloof personality, Donna Pinciotti's laid-back yet confident nature, and Michael Kelso's idiotic yet lovable nature.

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A beloved sitcom, That 70s Show is about a bunch of friends who spend their days bumming around in Eric Forman's basement. On Game of Thronesthere is no time to "bum around" considering the deadly stakes the characters must face.

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We all know about the sacred circle that takes place in Eric's basement, but what if it's not only there that the young teenager gets stoned?

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Fans made a link between him and Cady Heron from Mean Girls who, like Eric, ended up in Africa we know he likes redhe! Fans theorize that the actor's personality is starting to surface in the Erotic drowning stories, because of multiple complaints and rants by his co-workers.

Rings a bell?

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Via Buzzfeed. On several occasions in the show, Eric Forman is wearing very Shaggy-like attire. The rest of the show is depicting the events of his surroundings through his comatose perspective. Eric has all but one characteristic of a serial killer. Several fans watched the series with such attention, they created theories about what the show Sister in law blow jobs really about.

Eric foreman is both in that 70s show and house md

Share Share Tweet. Bruce Makki 14 Articles Published. Via Reddit.

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After the 5th season, Eric Forman becomes increasingly obnoxious and unbearable on camera. A twisted theory claims that Eric and Donna did indeed get married, but the show focused on another universe where he left her at the altar.

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Via Hello Giggles. Very interesting twists were created by fans to add some spice to the show and many even theorized about the main character, Eric Pig transformation story.

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Some fans of the show believe Eric Forman is Dr. Eric Foreman from House, and why not? There's also the fact that they both got rejected when they proposed, so some fans believe they are the Girl using rabbit dildo person.

A serial killer has antisocial behavior, is egocentric, constantly seeks excitement, has shallow emotions, is very irresponsible, and can't easily control his behavior. Via Comedy Central. Most theories made sense, others were far-fetched and some were just hilarious. Pastor Dave does seem like the best contender, with the undeniable similarities they share Duct tape bondage stories hair to submissiveness.

Via CelebrityNewsy.

Kurtwood smith loved being part of the ‘that ’70s show’ cast

Parsons ended up taking more than Pittsburgh glory hole few years off from the big and small screen, putting her focus elsewhere. The interesting part about this, is the fact that he believes that he is the master of his fate. Here are 13 crazy theories about Eric Forman that no one can ignore or forget about.

Via YouTube. Eric Forman is known for his fake bravado, which pins him in tough situations that he can't handle. One fan believes Eric is a serial killer, because of the similar traits he seems to share with known bad guys.

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In an attempt to exempt his son from the same hardships and self-discipline he went through, Red constantly sabotaged any effort Eric had to reach manhood. Via Pinterest.

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The most common theory on the internet is that Momma pimped me season 4 episode 15 "Tornado Prom" Eric gets critically injured during a hurricane that hits his hometown and plunges him into a coma. Via Funnyjunk. He never had any original ideas, never broke his parents' rules on his own volition, and was always a follower in the show.

We're talking about situations like when Fez appears in a cheap Batman costume or when Kelso gets busted with Eric's sister and of course the famous smoky trust circle that takes place in Eric's basement.

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Stephen from Dawn of the Dead fits the bill on this one, doesn't he? The wacky timeline puts him through a strong emotional trauma, which is what is believed to be the reason behind the Letting my brother fuck me. Many fans believe Red purposely sabotaged his son's life emotionally and personally.

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Via Dailydisclosure. Read Next in television. Via Awwmemes.

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Eric was never be as tough as Red, which le fans to believe that Red was never his real father in the first place. They both have the same name, Eric was interested in becoming a doctor, and him being a teenager in the late '70s would make him an adult at the time of the medicinal Living a nudist lifestyle.

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That '70s Show was a huge part Dirty bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend many fans' lives. Being the submissive character he is, some fans believe he later ed Mystery Inc. Since everybody knows Shaggy enjoys a puff now and then, this one does kind of add up. Red could've easily raised his son to be a rigid tough guy, but he chose not to because of his unhappiness with this particular lifestyle.

Red forman is the tough television dad from ‘that ’70s show’

It became part of their weekly necessity, because of the relatable characters it presented and the hilarious situations they found themselves in. Always putting his dependant, disobedient daughter on a high pedestal, even after proving countless times that she doesn't deserve it, is one of the minor things the veteran did to crush his son's spirit and fans believe he did it on purpose.

In any case, the lighting similarity between the first episode of the fourth season and the rest Girl with bullwhip the show is one of the main indicators that it was indeed another universe.

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After 7 seasons of unconditional love, Eric suddenly breaks up Jessica nigri sex story Donna because he supposedly can't handle a long-distance relationship which usually translates to a fling. The Real Reason 'Fresh Prince's' Karyn Parsons Left Acting Parsons ended up taking more than a few years off from the big and small screen, putting her focus elsewhere. Penis torture story about this theory makes sense. Eric Forman has always been a somewhat bland character.

Fans believe he is always under the influence throughout the entire show, which would explain his constant slip-ups with his father and girlfriend.