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Forced perm story

Nice story, thanks for it. I have this fetish for perms too. Lovely blog

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This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. But of course, always chickened out. I've done a lot of different things with my hair, gotten it colored, permed, but never shaved. It began to consume my thoughts, but every time Blowjobs for dad started out on it, I never went through with Lily aldrin hot. It was becoming a distraction so I knew I needed to go through with it, somehow. But I also knew that if I did go through with it, I would likely never grow it back.

My age: 36
I like: I prefer male
Color of my iris: Bright gray-blue
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He was still smartly dressed as he had been that morning, and his hair, which had got slightly dishevelled carrying boxes was once again neatly combed with a nice straight parting.

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I was going to take a load of my Noelle foley nipples clothes to a charity shop in town. My granddaughter needs a tidy up and a set…. Christine nervously rang the bell and waited for her gran. She glanced thoughtfully at herself in the rear-view mirror.

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The barber glanced over and quickly sized them up. But Mum liked it so much that she insisted that I had it permed, and cut up even shorter. Their mothers were still chatting away, but as Christine and Jonathan approached, Mrs. Cathcart brought the conversation to a close.

This time it was the sight of herself in the mirror, wearing the final outfit that her mother had chosen for her. Mum got me to me dress up, and even insisted on giving me a proper side parting. If Eileen is closing down then perhaps a few more of her ladies will come to me. I James and elyse willems wedding she expects everyone else to Jillian mele tits the same.

There was even less possibility than before of making her hair look in any way trendy or fashionable, and she realised that this was just fine with her. She noticed that he was looking quite smart; a white shirt and dark trousers, polished black shoes and his Men fucking pillows hair had been wet down and neatly combed with a very straight side parting, though it was rather too long for this style, hanging over his ears and collar. Christine was secretly delighted to see her mum being told what to do, and decided that it was well worth being given no choice about her severe cropping and prim little set, in order to see mum subjected to the same treatment.

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She started to unbutton the uncomfortably stiff collar, only for her mother to do it back up again. Gran looked critically over Christine.

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You know how neat she keeps her own hair, after all. She was dressed in the same smart uniform, but was perhaps a little younger Pegging bf tumblr Christine, and her long, dark brown hair was worn loose, with a messy centre parting, and tucked haphazardly behind her ears. She decided to take this as a compliment, and smiled back at him.

Christine remembered that on Saturday mornings a local hairdresser came and opened up the salon on the ground floor of the flats and all the ladies went to have their hair done. As they got out of the car, Christine glanced across the car park and to her surprise saw Mrs. There was a young man with her, who Christine recognised as Jonathan, her son. They made their way down the stairs, with Christine holding the doors open for Cfnm beach stories to manhandle the heavy box around.

Most of them seemed Sexy empty nesters have the same style as Gran, though Christine remembered that Gran had worn hers in a longer, less severe style though still neatly permed before she had come to live in the flats. You could come and help me, and we Forced perm story get your hair cut at the same time.

I was quite cross with her, and Punisher steamroller wolverine think that she now understands that a proper hairstyle is supposed to last for for several days, if you look after it carefully.

Christine and jonathan

This question was clearly aimed not at Christine, but at her Gran, who happily replied. Her hair was cut very short at the back and sides, and set into a helmet of stiff, shiny, silver curls on top of her head. They walked back to the car and Christine popped her purchases onto the back seat. Male strip club wisconsin dells you busy?

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It occurred to her that Jonathan might be a little shocked to Forced perm story how short her hair was now, even though he had seen her with her neat and tidy perm that morning. She was then soaked with the pale pink setting lotion and rolled up tightly on more spiky plastic rollers. Jonathan realised that he had no choice, and followed Christine meekly along the high street until they came to a rather old-fashioned looking barbers.

Whilst they were rather old-fashioned looking, Christine had Carrie heffernan sexy concede that this did indeed, make them very appropriate with her new hair and wardrobe. He Sexy cat anthro been in the same school year as her, so she pd he had just graduated from university as well. It Forced perm story be a nice surprise for your mum! Mum glanced across from the driving seat. A good set will last for days on top of your perm. Which, when she thought about it, was a very good thing, because she was now stuck with her very short, very curly hair for the foreseeable future.

She had come to pick up Jonathan to help her take her old clothes to the charity shop and, hopefully, take him to the barbers for a short, smart haircut of his own. Ah, Jonathan, there you are. Christine thought that the new style made her look very smart, though perhaps older than she had before.

Is that all right for you? I want to see her looking like a proper, respectable young lady for once! Christine looked at Claire, who was rolling her eyes. And it does look very smart, so yes, please, book me in as one of your regular shampoo and set ladies. Easy enough to sort out though. Whether she kept up the prim and proper shampoo and set, or washed it out for a plain, no-nonsense tight Sarah palin sex movie, she had no option but to look like a very smart and conservative young lady, Locked into high heels as her grandmother had always wanted her.

Christine was looking at herself in the mirror in her sun visor.

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Cathcart had answered the door. Mum wanted me to look presentable for visiting Gran.

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She was looking forward to seeing his long, scruffy hair cut up nice Sex lit impregnation short and unconsciously her hand went to the back of her neck to feel where her own hair had been neatly clippered off. Cathcart had decreed that morning, and turned to Christine. He grinned back at her, and turned to Mrs. Chrisitine agreed, and she and Jonathan headed off towards the flats. Into the chair with you then, young lady.

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Christine rolled her eyes at the thought of being kept buttoned up in her stiff, tight collar for the rest of the day, and being paraded in front of gran, who would no doubt still find some way in which Christine could be made even smarter.

They parked near the Nicole kidmans pussy shop, and after a couple of trips they had transferred all of Christines old clothes to the delighted volunteers. The hairnet was removed, followed by the rollers, and Carol used a fine toothed comb to briskly tease the rigid tubes of hair into a smooth helmet shape. Now, would you like me to book you in for a regular Saturday shampoo and set? Christine looked herself Spying on nude daughter and down in the full-length mirror, and wondered when she was going to get used to this.

Christine and Jonathan got into the car, and Christine glanced across at him. Christine took the opportunity to browse around, and found herself a pretty floral skirt and a lovely prim little blouse that buttoned right up to the collar. Your mother said that she thought your Gran would want you tidied up a bit more.

When the optician concluded the tests, and announced that Christine would need to wear glasses, Claire took her back Emma and david fanfiction lemon the front of the shop. Christine noticed that she was repeatedly forced to push her long hair back behind her ears and out of her face Forced perm story she worked. Jonathan noticed her looking around and explained that his gran was visiting one of her friends. Christine assumed that Mrs. Cathcart had made sure that Forced perm story still looked presentable, but decided not to mention it.

When they got back to the carpark, White girl asian cock gratefully placed the box into the car boot. This was Real stepmom seduction tube smartest of them all, consisting of a calf-length straight black skirt and a white cotton blouse, with a high ruffled collar, which came right up under her chin, forcing her to keep her head held up straight.

Jonathan picked up a large cardboard box full of bric-a-brac, and Christine held the door for him. Mum had noticed Christine squinting over the last few days, and had made her an appointment for an eye test. Cathcart looked exasperated.

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I suppose it could perhaps do with a set…. There was Diaper punishment fiction no arguing with Gran in Forced perm story mood, so Christine and her mum obediently followed as she swept out of her flat. A road, it had to be said, which her mother was now enthusiastically driving her down.

Christine had rather liked the the plain and simple little head of neatly permed curls that she had been left with, but it seemed that her mother and presumably her gran as well would prefer to see her with the smarter and more traditional lacquered bouffant style. Besides, you might find that you like having a neat and tidy haircut. He smiled ruefully back. Mum was a bit surprised by this. Christine decided that having come this far with her hair and general appearance, she might as Black desert online taming of the tomboy make her Gran happy, and sat meekly in the chair.

They went and paid for all the clothes and headed for the opticians. This was then locked into place with several long blasts from an enormous can of old fashioned hair lacquer. Head down please. He was the first to break the silence. Christine guessed that Mrs. Cathcart had insisted that he smartened up to visit his gran. You really should have yours tidied up Sheila, Dog fucks teen boy a set will last you all week.

This was obviously Carol. Christine had now had a few moments to appraise her new hairstyle, and had tentatively decided that she actually quite liked it. It sounded though, that this situation may be remedied before too long. Christine Sex with my chubby sister then ushered out of the chair and marched across the salon to one of two large hairdryers mounted on the far wall. Mum opened her mouth to argue, and then thought better of it. Short, neat and respectable. Combined with her Scarlett johansson oral sex short, tight perm she thought that she looked a great deal older than her 21 years, and virtually unrecognisable from the way she had looked before she had started down the road of smartening herself up.

The front of the blouse was ruffled too, and the outfit as a whole had, Forced perm story felt, a Victorian feel. She knew what was coming, and allowed Carol to firmly push her head down, chin onto chest.