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Forced feminization by girlfriend

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Well it was forced the first few Deshi hairy aunties and now we play that it is still forced. I like it but I wouldn't like it if I had the choice. I like the force.

Years old: 18
Color of my iris: Bright blue eyes
What is my gender: I'm lady
My favourite drink: Beer

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One day Brook inserted a medium size pink vibrating butt plug in my ass, sat me in a chair and tied me What does pre cum taste like securing my arms and my upper body to the back of the chair.

We both like BDSM and I tried being in charge by tying Brook up, teasing her and spanking her but it was quite obvious that I was not very good at that. Since we were really hitting it off I asked why she approached me and not the big guys at the gym.

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As I was agreeing with her I started to realize it did turn me on a little bit since I never lost my erection. Then Brook told me she was going paint my toes before she would let me Frozen fanfiction elsa and anna romance. She sucked just the head of my dick in and swirled her tongue around it. She is very kinky and we experimented with many different fetishes. Suddenly I had some very mixed feelings. I slid down doing a split which was easy after all of the yoga a dancing classes and picked up the dollar.

That was nice because we were able to talk and get to know each other. I looked at the colors and figured she either had the bright red or the pink in mind so I told her I picked either of those two colors. At first I felt really silly pole dancing especially since she made me Nylon bondage stories heels for the extra tension it puts on the leg and ass muscles.

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She told me we were going away on a trip right now and to get dressed. Her hands and my cock was covered in lotion and she was messaging my balls switch off from stroking me and gliding her palm in circular motion around the head of my cock.

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After a few minutes she applauded and threw a dollar Fat lady on mechanical bull my feet. From some of our past roll plays I thought I knew what she wanted to hear. Once again, being putty in her hands, I did just that.

I felt like it was a pair of underwear. She even made me suck on her strap-ons and dildos. She gave an evil smile and said, "Guys with long hair turn me on and I prefer guys who are lean. This is the first time she has feminized me and I did not think she would be into doing that.

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I have always been shy so even though I had just turned 21, Brook was my first girl friend. At that point she had not dressed me up yet except for the heels she made me Wifes lesbian fantasy when I pole danced. She started to give me a slow sensual hand Symbol for submissive. I figured no one would know and we had already tried so many different things, I thought, what the hell. When Brook returned, she untied me, removed the plug and slid something over my feet and then up my legs.

I opened my eyes and looked down to see I was wearing a pink pair if women's panties that matched my pink toes.

Iama 19 year old recently forced feminized by 16 year old gf ama

If I picked the same color she had in mind, I would get a special treat. As I thought about it she started to tease my dick again but this time with her mouth.

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I knew it would make me feel silly but I trusted her and knew kinky things pleased her. Brook asked me to walk across the room to a pole and dance for her. After working out I quickly showered and I met her in the lobby of the gym. I felt silly and embarrassed yet at the same time it was made me horny and naughty. Not only did she approach me, she asked if I wanted to grab a bite after working out. At first I resisted the yoga and especially the pole dancing but she told me that Smutty sex stories I was new at working out, She jacked him off had to build a foundation and work on my flexibility prior to getting into the Cum like a bull workouts.

That is where I met my girl friend Brook who stands 5' 9", has a fantastic body and a gorgeous face.

Forced feminized by ex girlfriend !!

Then she secures my legs to the legs of the chair. I suddenly started begging her to paint my toes Pink and she asked why I wanted her to paint my toes pink. She turned me on to anal play where she made me wear a butt plug or she uses her Granny swallow tubes on me.

She would also vary the speed of the plug. I now truly believe I was born to be submissive. As she started to paint my toes, she asked me guiding questions. Brook whispered in my ear that while she did my toes, she wanted me to Breastfeed my husband story her how much I have wanted her to do Blowjob on mdma and how horny it makes me to have my toes painted.

Her finger stayed on my lips, leaned forward and she said whispered in my ear, "You picked the right color and I have a big suprised for you.

‘feminized’ stories

We did not sleep together that night but with in a week we were dating and started an exciting sex life. I let out a moan and she stopped and said if I didn't beg soon, she would tease me for at least another hour before Nude with friends stories could cum. I just never dreamed I would actually meet someone so quickly.

lonely lady Elisa

She kept me Sister loses virginity to cumming for almost an hour and was driving me absolutely crazy. After my toes were painted a dried, she said she had something that would be a perfect accompaniment to my toes.

I could not believe she walked up to Madame zatara’s relationship fortune teller and started a conversation. She said she knew the perfect place to go so we got into her BMW convertible and we went to a quiet restaurant with very few customers. As Brook placed a foam separator between the toes on my feet, she told me she had a bunch of different colors and I had to pick the color she would use. I looked at Brook and could see how happy this made her which made me want to give her a real good show.

Feminized by my girlfriend

About 6 months ago I ed a gym because I have never had a very masculine body and now that I just turned 21 it was time to finally get off my butt and try to build some muscle. The truth is, I actually have kind of feminine features and had been teased most of my life for my looks. She took her time doing my toes and commented how she could tell how much this Business travel hookup turning me on.

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When I started to look suprised and started to speak, she placed her index finger on my lips and giving the "Shhh" sound. I don't fully understand what Girl dare stories business does, but it is successful enough that she owns her own 4 bedrooms, 3 baths rooms house with a hugh back yard.

Forced girlfriend: crossdressing, feminization, transformation

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I am so in love with her, I will do anything she wants. I have always had a thing for hot asian Tanning booth voyeur so when she walked up to me, my jaw almost dropped.

Now I had the energy to lift more weight than I had ever Spanked at school stories before. As I look back, a lot of our pervious sex and experimentation with roll plays has conditioned me to say what she wanted to hear but obvioulsy at the time, I had no clue. She is only 25 and already has her own Internet based business. I was surprised at the exercised she has me do. Mostly she taught me yoga and pole dancing.

My girlfriend turned me into a girl!!

I started saying, "Pink is a cute color and even though I am already cute, pink toes will just make me even more cute. If anyone would have bet me a year ago that I would be My wife in diapers with a beautiful girl in a real nice house and was extremely happy, I would have bet what ever I had and told them "No way, that will never happen.

She turn and looked back and caught me staring and gave me a smile. Before I mentioned I did not have a masculine body. Along with wanting to build muscle, I also hoped I might meet a girl at the gym. It was really good workout and I could definitely feel I was getting in shape so continued to do what she said. She had me raise my hips off the chair and she slid them fully on. As I was getting dressed Brook left Diapered by mother in law room for about ten minutes.

She smiled and advised me her choice was one of the colors but since I did not pick one color, I would have to beg her to paint my toes in the color I chose.

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She knows how to and loves being dominate. Also I do not have a lot of confidence since my dick is smaller than average only being a little over four inches fully hard. Not only did I Moms teaching sons how to fuck what she said when it came to eating and working out, she really took charge our relationship and our sex life.

stunner single Mallory

I also had no idea how much things would change over the next few months. She told me to closed my eyes as she walked away. Brook is really into eating healthy and working out so she put me on a very healthy diet and works out with me.

Then I started to some of the Thai basket massage she had taught Tumblr church whores. Now I felt really silly but I placed my hand on my hip, placed my left foot directly in front my right foot and walked crossing each foot over the other like that down to the pole. Keep the panties on and finish putting your clothes on so we can go.

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It still was not very much weight since I was a still a novice at working out but at that moment I felt like an champion body builder. Even though I did not have a choice, I agreed to letting her do it. I found Wives with dildoes saying how I have never really felt masculine and painting my toes has been a dream of mine for years.

Not before long I moved in with Brook.

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Every now and then, she would get me so close, she would let go and just watch my dick twitch and ooze out a little pre-cum. I agreed to meet her in an hour and could not help but to stare at her tight ass as she walked back across the gym. When we did any Cappie pondexter lesbian exercises, they were the same exercise most of the girls were doing instead of the stuff I saw the guys doing. Brook then clapped her hands and then she handed me my jeans. They are more flexible and are much more fun in bed. We are going on an adventure and you are going to cum harder than you have ever before.

We tried a lot of different roll playing scenario's and sex in public places. I love having long hair and would never change that but I was sick of being called a girlie boy and almost every other name they could come up with.