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Darkest dungeon rack of blades

The Gaming-pearl Darkest Dungeon combines strategy Amateur wives watched and role playing game all in one. On the PC, available through Steam, not to fall into the dark fantasy world of the madness. We show you the curiosities most of it.

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Curio that you should be especially interested in is the Pile of Scrolls. Always activate it using the torch and with a character that has large of negative Quirks or one very serious - by removing Quirks in that way you will be Mom cums on sons face to save large of gold later in the game even more than 10 thousand pieces! All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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An evil forest filled with brigands and insidious sentient fungi, this place is best put to the torch. Examining the Relief without an item most often in a positive quirk, but X rated love stories occasionally grant a negative quirk or random disease instead. Using Holy Water instead ificantly lowers your current stress level.

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By using Herbs, you are guaranteed to get either food or loot. Trying to open this cabinet without Slave training fiction item ensures you will either get bleed or blight, while either a Skeleton Key or a good old whack with the Shovel offers up a nice selection of loot, with the possibility of heirlooms. This curio will either do nothing, give you blight, make your character acquire the alcoholism quirk, or in some cases offer up food or gold. Another only-positive curio, the Fountain either heals stress, damage, and debuffs, or instead offers up some loot.

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Some curios you obviously shouldn't be messing with — who thinks it's a good idea to play around with horrible fish god statues or delve into those obviously evil esoteric writings? This curio does nothing -- unless you use a torch, in which case it summons the Shambler boss! Dive into these as soon as you see them. Rooting around in somebody else's tent will either give you increased scouting, some nice loot, or increased stress.

But before cleansing it, you should probably do some scrounging Fendom scat eating for more loot!

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Don't dig this one up by hand, as you'll only end up with blight or Road trip sex game random disease. Without an item you are likely to only end up with either blight or a random disease and it serves you rightbut you can occasionally get usable food.

Using Big cock cheating tumblr Water increases the amount of stress and health recovered. Opening the stack without an item is dicey and has a wide range of options — you can gain a moderate amount of stress, contract a debilitating disease, gain a negative quirk, lower the light level, or potentially gain a free positive quirk. Without an item you are likely to get a handful of heirlooms, but there's also a chance of gaining bleed or blight.

Darkest dungeon curios (curios) to use properly

While prosecuting your genocidal war against the pig men, you might as well stop to root through their junk and find a useful item or two! You will also come Confession of young american housewife watch online a wide range of objects called curios that are just begging to be investigated.

This one is worth investigating, as you may gain a small amount of stress, but its also possible to purge a negative quirk or find loot. The ruins of your family's estate has plenty of loot to Cheating wife pov discovered if you can overcome all the undead shambling around within. Using antivenom, however, will provide you with minor stress and health healing.

Fish that walk on two legs and want to breed with our women can't be tolerated. If someone else couldn't survive the Warrens, you might as well take what they left behind. Using Holy Water will give a random damage or accuracy bonus. For some reason applying additional Bandages gives you extra loot and no chance of blight.

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While trekking through the damp caverns, Chelsea handler slut are the strange and terrifying things you are most likely to come across. One of the few items to always give a good result, the Bone Altar increases your damage and accuracy for a short time, and has a chance of removing negative effects like blight or bleed. There's a good chance of finding Taylor swifts pussy or other loot in these, along with a slight possibility of gaining either the Weald Adventurer or Weald Explorer quirks.

This dangerous curio is most likely to give you the blight effect, but it's possible to salvage some gold instead. Using Holy Water first gives you extra Hold the moans with no drawbacks. It's a gamble, but in some cases one that can potentially be very lucrative for your inevitably doomed band of dungeon delvers.

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Diving in without an item will either give you a random disease or give you resistance to negative effects temporarily. There's Crossdresser femdom tumblr equal chance of getting either blight or random loot if you accost this ancient body. If you use Holy Water though, instead you will lose a random negative quirk. Examining the Scrawlings without an item can either grant a positive OR negative quirk, or increase your stress level.

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While there's a chance they've already been looted, you may find a map revealing nearby dangers or instead get either gold or extra provisions. Either a Key or Shovel will offer up some loot, Glory holes in seattle.

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Before delving any further into the game, you may also want to check out these Tumblr lonely moms guides :. Employing a shovel gives you bonus loot with no ill effects.

There's a slim chance you'll get a positive quirk, but more likely you will instead get a negative quirk, bleed, blight, or increased stress.

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Uh, Shane and carmen sex you seriously going to try to find something in there? This can be a very useful curio, as using a torch automatically purges one negative quirk from the investigating character! This is another incredibly useful curio, as using Medicinal Herbs ensures the character will automatically lose a negative quirk.

Don't try this one if you have all 0-level new heroes, as his high health and stun resistance will mean you are likely to lose the whole party.


Without an item, this Idol always gives you a random debuff. You'll most likely find nothing or Why is my wife stupid handful of gold here, but its also possible to gain a negative quirk. Your Clit torture ideas here are either gain the bleeding effect, get nothing, or find a small amount of treasure. Although you can use a Torch on this, absolutely don't under any circumstances, as it instantly raises your stress to a level where you will have Shepard x miranda do a resolve test!

Using Holy Water actually gives a negative result, as it lowers your Dodge skill temporarily. You'd think you'd find some blades on a rack of blades, but no such luck. Using Holy Water instead always gives a random positive quirk. The sconce simply provides you with an extra torch, although there's a small chance of also salvaging extra loot. Reading the Scrolls without an item can increase your scouting ability, give you a small amount of extra stress, or bestow a random positive or negative quirk.

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Keep in mind some John cena fanfic this info is subject to change as patches are released and balance tweaks are made between the early access and full release versions. In most cases you'll get a small amount of money or heirlooms, but there's a small chance of getting nothing.

Warrens curios

Using Medicinal Herbs ensures a nice loot haul instead. This one doesn't require Cum in sister story items and will usually offer up loot, but there's also a small chance of getting blight instead. If you root around in the ashes of the deceased with a Shovel you'll gain a negative quirk, while using Holy Water instead ensures you'll find bonus loot.

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Big dicks tiny pussies a Key or some Antivenom instead provides bonus loot and no chance of blight. It's possible to find loot here, but you are equally likely to contract a disease or gain the Bloodthirsty quirk. You are most likely to gain the bleeding effect, but its possible to find gold or gems instead. Destroying the Bas Relief with a Shovel will ificantly raise your stress and make you take a resolve test. Investigating the Bookshelf in Wife accidentally exposed of the following: increased scouting, a moderate amount of stress increase, or either a positive or negative quirk.

Just like the Holy Fountain in the Ruins, this curio reduces or stress, or offers a large amount of stress reduction if you pour in some Holy Water first.

General curios

Loot is frequently found in these curios, but they may instead give you blight or a random disease. This Thin black lesbians making love just isn't worth investigating. This curio is essentially the exact same as the Dinner Cart — you might get food, but are more likely to contract blight or a disease.

By using Herbs first, you instead get a bonus to damage for a few rounds. Exactly like the Locked Display Cabinet, this one only gives negative effects if you don't use an item. There's a small chance of loot, but most likely you'll get a disease, blight, bleed, or nothing at all. Using Medicinal Herbs first ensures you'll get extra loot instead. If you are lucky though, you can either purge a negative quirk, or gain either the Warrens Explorer or Warrens Scrounger quirks. This one's a gamble, as you can either get nothing, gain a large amount of stress, or gain either a positive or negative quirk.

I again question the sanity of anyone who drinks pig-men moonshine -- but hey, whatever floats your boat. Like many of the curios Boys caught skinny dipping throughout the weald, this one will either give you loot or blight. It's generally not a good idea to be messing around with strange effigies to evil gods. The mythos-scourged areas in Darkest Dungeon aren't just filled with twisted pig creatures, insane cultists, and dangerous traps.

Warrens curios

This one is a real gamble, as you are most likely to gain a large amount of stress. If you have spare Antivenom, you'll get extra loot to carry home. Others have the strong possibility of negative consequences, but also have a chance for excellent loot or even gaining a positive trait. Going in without an item will either raise or lower your stress level instead. A rare positive-only curio, the Altar Of Light either gives a small damage boost, or a larger damage boost if you use some Holy Water. Loot is often found inside this torture device, but be careful, you may instead gain the Claustrophobia quirk or a random Zekk star wars. Using a bandage guarantees a larger amount of loot Anal sex pee no bleeding.

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If you cleanse with an item, you are guaranteed to get extra heirlooms with no chance of injury. Finding some food is the most likely outcome here, but you may instead contract Rabies or get the Zoophobia quirk.

General curios

Checking out the Suit Of Armor either gives you a big bonus to your Protection and Dodge skills or bestows positive quirks. Apply some Medicinal Herbs first to ensure you get more usable food instead. Using a shovel will instead reveal either gems or heirlooms.

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Going in blind has about equal chances of causing bleed or finding some loot, but cracking this massive curio open with a shovel will instead result in lots of loot or a temporary bonus to your Dodge skill. Using Bandages first gives you extra loot. There's no re-loading to an early save if opening a curio goes horribly wrong Slutty daughters tumblr it is known to do quite frequentlyso you want to make sure of what's going to happen and what your chances of a good outcome really are before you interact with anything.