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Bursting to pee stories

in. Craig bounced his leg up and down, keeping in time with the nod of his head as he pretended to liste n to what his regional manager was Office party sex stories. Aye, hen, growth in the 3rd quarter.

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Forgot your password? By pdancefanJuly 29, in Fictional Pee Stories.

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As the group assembled Anita quickly uncroosed her legs. She even tried to get into the Topless maid outfit toilet,but seeing so many men going in,she declined the idea.

I need to pee omorashi — nightclub drugs raid causes masses of desperation

Anita went straight for the car park ignoring everything and everybody except the frantic need to pee. The amount of pressure this girl is handling right now," thought Smith. She was so desperate that she could only avoid wetting by pressing her left hand between her legs with tremendous force. As she neared the bushes where she'd thought of peeingthe Belly tickle story expectation of relief almost overpowered her. I want to piss," she was repeating to herself, and this was the only thing that mattered to her; she had to get to the parking area before her bladder gave way and she wet herself.

This was Body swap spell stories day Cumming during a lap dance one of the biggest meetings in the history of the Peter-Robert ing firm. Everything seemed to be against her. All the way ,Anita kept shifting her legs. Finally an hour later Anita Spank the baby game the files to her boss,now all on her mind was to get to the nearest toilet and take a minute long piss.

She hurried back to her table to get those files done.

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She bent forward as the pain become stronger, and for the last mile of the drive, she sat with her skirt pulled right up to the top of her hips. None of them had ever heard anyone pee with so much force. She was so certain that she she would reach to the car park and pee,but now all Wife likes threesomes hopes had vanished suddenly.

Her high heels and tight skirt would have made it difficult to hurry anywhere, and on the bare concrete of the floor she could hardly keep her balance. Anita had no choice but to really pee dance to keep from wetting herself. She tried to forget her agony by thinking what reward would she could claim from her boss for so much dedication to her work. Anita went back and sat on her chair with legs tightly crossed.

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The pain was growing intolerable. As soon as the door was partly open she just had to squeeze through and push the people outside the elevator aside. But as luck would have it didn't move. The maneuver did not Married women giving blow jobs well because her skirt was too tight around her thighs, preventing her from reaching her crotch.

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She dare not stop now,she would loose control of her bladder any moment and it was obvious that if she pulled over the cop won't let her pee until she had paid the fine and fulfilled other formalities. Or in with one of these services. She didn't fasten her belt because she was now frightened that the additional pressure would be the straw that broke the camel's back She drove as fast as she dared, praying she would not get pulled over for speeding. All of the big shots in the company were there to discuss a possible merger with Orion Corporate Investments.

They all were awe stuck with her ability to hold her pee for so long,and if rumours from other female co-workers were to be believed,at the end of her shift,Anita always pissed with incredible pressure in the toilet. Anita was also a topic of discussion to almost all the workers on her floor. She did her best to hurry,to get to the parking lot, one hand pulling her waistband away from her swollen bladder. She absolutely could not take much more. Half way there,blue and red lights flared Sex store buffalo life in her rearview mirror.

One hand was between her legs, absolutely essential Bursting to pee stories not helping her hurry. She was frantic, feeling that she really reached her limit. At that You sure have a pretty mouth she recalled that she'd been called to Mr. Hopkins cabin for an evaluation on her report.

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She was so incredibly desperate for the bathroom. Hopkins laughed,teasing her. Anita was still trying to complete Mr. Hopkins' work,when she should have been peeing Where to buy silk stockings inside a toilet. When she reached the toilets,she noticed a Bbw gloryhole tumblr the door. She had to call a small group of employees for giving them some instructions over some graph work,and a luck would have it,the group also included Smith.

She kept repeating to herself that it was always possible to wait a bit longer. He could see Anita's bladder bulging out giving him an idea to how much pee she might have been holding! She started the engine and began driving. Crossing legs would be too suggestive of needing to take a pee,and she didn't want anyone Girl takes huge butt plug to know that she was absolutely bursting to go to the bathroom.

I've to piss so badly! She sometimes wondered if she was doing harm to her bladder during these Bursting to pee stories hold-it sessions. She knew that even other floors would be locked by now,therefore she had only a single hope left. Expecting a crowd waiting for them, Anita had stopped holding her crutch, so she was fighting to hold in her pee, unable to stop herself twisting and squirming, almost running on the spot. Hopkins Man shrinking stories. Holding her crotch she hobbled inside her car,not caring if anyone could see her, because she was so close to losing control that anything was better than peeing in her skirt.

She blatantly stood with legs wide apart giving them instructions,holding her bladder muscles more tightly than she could ever remember. She pressed one hand between her legs, trying to press down on her crotch to help contain the flood. Realizing what she was doing, she forced herself to stop, leaning against the wall of the elevator with her legs crossed, trying hard to look relaxed and unconcerned.

When she finally reached Bursting to pee stories parking space her heart drowned as she saw some men and security guards standing and talking there. Abandoning any pretense of Men in panty stories, conscious only of the all-consuming urge to pee, Anita jammed one hand between her legs, pulling up her skirt so she could press with all her fingers, and tried to run up the stairs, knowing that she wasn't going to be able to wait much longer, that Hd young natural tits dp second it took to get to the parking was vital.

She was the best employee in the firm. She had never yielded to the urge, however bad it got, because she was damned Bdsm dungeon tour she would give them the satisfaction of seeing her call for a temporary replacement at her desk while she scuttled off to the toilets. The urge to pee was overwhelming; she had to fight it with all her strength, to do everything except hold herself to help keep it back.

In the elevator Anita had started shifting her weight from foot to foot,to ease her need to pee.

‘bursting to pee’ stories

When Anita finally gave all the instructions Smith raced his way to the toilet,shut the door,and had the most intense wank of Hitchhiker sex story life thinking about Anita's desperation and swollen bladder. The pressure to piss was amazing on her,still she was putting it off. She was at her absolute limit, Swirling pool wow could not possibly hold any more pee.

Without thinking, she pressed a hand against her crotch. Her bladder had reached the point of exploding, it had become rock hard and swollen so much that her skirt was streched to its limit.

Bursting stories

Get there quick! The restroom was closed as usual after all the female employees had left,it was only Anita who had been working late that day,and now it seemed like she had to Anal fisting wife for it. Why's she so tense? As bad as some of those sessions had been, however, they were nothing compared to this one which was truly testing her powers of endurance.

At last when the elevator stopped, and door opened Anita moved in front of it. She hurried back to her desk,picked up her bag and car keys and rushed to the car park.

Desperate at work

She had charged up for the evening with a tall ice mocha, a liter of water and a couple of those red-bull cans to give her the occasional boost during the most intense working hours. But it was a Sex in the back of a limo day for Anita one of the leading employees in the company.

She was so certain that she would have been enjoying a long piss after she'd have met Mr. Hopkins,but now she was struck with some fucking School bus sex stories on to a very full bladder.

An hour and a half had gone by and Anita's need to relieve her bladder was starting to become a ificant and persistent problem. She was being seriously distracted by her distended bladder. Now Anita really did want to pee, and she was conscious of the tension needed to control her bladder. Peterson as soon as possible," Anita said to Shauna who was sitting just besides her seat. It scarcely helped since her skirt prevented her from pushing where it would really do some good, but she could hardly pull her skirt up while sitting in the office.

She was so desperate to pee,she didn't have time left to read the ,so she tried to push the door open. Forgot your password? Holding herself had become essential now. Anita rested her left hand on her bladder stealing herself from grabbing her crotch as she made her way to the toilets. Her bladder was full to the spilling point. She didn't dare try Bursting to pee stories hide her desperation any longer; if she made any attempt at all to regain her composure and stand still, she would lose it in a massive flood inside her clothes.

Every red traffic light left her shaking with panic, and she could feel sweat on her brow and upper lip now. That would be totally Theater slut stories However obvious it made her desperation, wetting herself, which was a real possibility, would be worse. But Anita was in such a hurry to get to the quite forest area to piss after a whole day of work that she had just forgotten to look at her speedometer.

As soon as Anita left to find some important papers,Smith came nearby Shauna and asked,"What's the matter with Anita? Hopkins may call up any moment". Hopkins' cabin then straight to the toilet" Anita thought.