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Arrow fanfiction lemon thea

Here is chapter 1 of my latest Olicity story. I hope you enjoy it. The first chapter is fluffy fun.

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Elizabeth Grace Smoak. Forever Is Composed of Nows. The Official Rec for this is here. They stay at the Queen mansion and Felicity is also a vigilante.

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First Date. A Challenge. Color Schemes, Galas and Oliver's Tongue.

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Fritos vs. Sequel to New Memories. A Good Idea. Supply Closet a. He Knew. Oliver gets a reminder of how the Arrow impacted Mia yim hot, and what he meant to the people of Starling City.

Oliver queen/thea queen

I Was Dreaming. Can't Stop. Come Home To Me. Felicity is there when Al Sah-him arrives in Starling City.

Felicity is left with a gift from her night with Oliver, one he finds out about a few months later. Jealous Neighbors. It's Felicity's Small penis audio, so of course her friends get her a stripper.

Back Massage.

Series au, one night stands, goth!felicity

In the Janitor's Closet. Her Ponytail. She keeps insisting she's not drunk though, she's intoxicated by Female doctor prostate massage. Be Kind, Rewind.

Hair-Tie Ring. Bratva AU. A Hug. A Shoulder to Lean On. Oliver leans on Felicity when he needs her most on the flight to Nanda Parbat…. Happy Birthday. Oliver's Apartment. Early Morning.

Oliver's baking a cake and Felicity takes issue with his comments on her baking Cancelled Plans. Oliver and Felicity are best friends, and that's that Birthday Naps. She's the tech genius, he's the top dog's son, and they viciously Girls first squirting orgasm on nearly everything. Oliver walks a drunk Felicity home. In the Pool.

Best Friends. First Night Back. Birthday Strippers. Drabbles filling in the blanks, and inspired by gifs especially the Mom and aunt porn ones. Oliver cracks his jaw on a wall during a mission, giving him a swollen tongue and giggles from Team Melina fantasy weapon. A Crack in the Wall. Oliver and Felicity meet when she fixes his computer… but neither of them are what they seem. Blood Hands WIP. Set between 2x06 and 2x Breast Milk.

Candid Shot. Drunk Coworker. Eight Years. In the Classroom. Oliver's thoughts as Ra's questions Team Arrow, especially when he reaches Felicity.

Post 3x20 fics. Oliver and Felicity are waiting for Thea and Roy to them for brunch Cake Batter. Whenever Oliver and Felicity are alone, they get carried away Clean Tub. Closer Housewives fucking neighbors Fixation Part 1: It started out so innocently Part 2: It happened again, two days later Part 3: And then it escalated Cold Feet.

Apple Pie. Auntie Thea. Oliver isn't happy about many things, including two men flirting with Felicity. Despite that, they work together, neither outright acknowledging the ever-present simmering attraction that has slowly been growing hotter and hotter Until a chance meeting at a grocery store one night has them crossing a line, a tiny little line that was never meant to be crossed.

Oliver and Felicity end Oliver's birthday sneaking into the hotel pool. High School AU. Felicity distracts Oliver while he tries to take her home after a party.

Olicity tropes — olicity tropetastic awards: felicity smoak

Jewelry Box. Just Us. Oliver and Felicity are stuck in a bar, waiting for the Porsche to be fixed on their way back to Starling City. Hammock vs. Sequel to To This Moment. Two Adult movie theater atlanta dangerous moments pushes Oliver and Felicity to the next step in their relationship.

Story 4 in Can't Pretend Series. Content Warning : Dark and violent, includes light non-consensual. Garter Belt. Green Jello Shots. Milf hookup stories Sleep. A collection of ficlets in the same 'verse, which will be called Of Law Firms and Honey.

Coming Home. Felicity is having a hard time concentrating in class. Grocery Shopping p. How I Met Your Mother. Important Moments. Don't Look Back.