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Adult fan fiction mass effect

I'm Commander Shepard, and these are my favorite fan fics on the extranet.

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The extended crew of the Normandy were proud of their service on the vessel, but at the moment they couldn't wait to get off the ship and back onto the Citadel.

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Rebirth of the Beyonders Ch. Justifiable Homicide Wrex thinks it pay back time for the Genophage. Literotica Live Webcams. Miranda's De The moment Miranda turns 25, her father's plan begins.

Active tags. Views Rating Favorite Newest. Omega Nights Ch. Mass Effect: Sister Trickster Maelia teased her brother for too long, and now gets fucked.

t Venture Human and Turian tackle hurdles of interspecies relationship. Mass Effect: Shards Ch. Recovery Shepard is feeling better. More info in the FAQ. Category filter.

Separate tags with commas. Very short vingette.

Power of a Flower Four Mass Effect scientists discover a verdant world. Mass Effect: Kasumi Goto Ch. Mass Effect: Until Next Time Before the storm, Shepard and Garrus find some time alone. Mass Effect - Why Me?

Shepard and Kaidan comfort each other after Milf wet tee shirt Virmire miss.

Story Tags Portal mass effect. Zoey's Awakening Ch. Cake in Space Liara and Male Shep get it on. Renegade Shepard: Liara Liara T'soni baits a trap, and is caught.

An Unusual Companionship Ch. Shepard and Veetor A mass effect love story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See Lesbian shemale blowjob models online at LitWebcams. Inside The Xbox What happens if all your save files were alive?

A lot better. Mass Effect Anguish Ch. Thane and Shepard's first night together.

Live Webcams Online! Swipe to see who's online now! Log In Up. Explore New Story.

Peebee's Night Out Peebee bets her friends they'll climax in 5 minutes.